Four Cats. A Fable

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Four kitties went to find their mother, but they could not find her. They meowed so hard their voices soon turned husky.

They meowed so hard all the neighbors stuck their heads out of their windows. They were curious about all the meowing. Why are they meowing so hard? They wondered.

A gentle boy was heading for the store when he saw the four kittens. Their mom should be with them, he thought to himself and went his way, for it was really late and was hungry and tired.

It was getting late, and the kitties were sleepy but they did not give up their quest. Their meowing went on and on, and on and on. The neighbors wanted to sleep. Why do they have to be so loud? They wondered.

Their mother was nowhere to be found, but the kitties did not give up hope. They started to meow louder and louder. People started to get mad. Why should they not be quiet? They wondered.

An old lady wanted to shelter the kitties, but she was too old to go downstairs. Why I am so old I cannot go downstairs and help those poor little ones? She wondered.

Four blocks from there their mother was scared and a bit lost. She had been scared by a noisy truck, and then by a barking dog, and then by a scared cleaning lady with a sweeping brush. She was hiding near the “24/7 Store.” She saw somebody and recognized him. It was the boy who had seen her kittens back in the neighborhood. He brings his dinner, so now he must be getting home, she thought.

Furtively she went, following the boy. His paws moved quietly, softly and swiftly down the lonely street. For two blocks she went, for she was sure he was heading home. For three blocks she went, for she was sure he was taking her to her babies. Four blocks! But no sound was heard in the neighborhood, nobody to be seen. All was asleep; even the stars had gone to bed. Where had their little kittens gone? The anguished mother meowed and meowed, but there was no reply.

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