Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! The Word for Today is... Lazy! So, a Typical Day for the Crew!

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What else is new? Lots of cat napping, and sitting around. Their nocturnal escapades continue, so they wake up for dinner, then go back to bed to prepare for their secret fight club they run in the living room. I did manage a few shots of each of them this afternoon though, so not a bad day! Enjoy!

Tiger on the stairs.

4tigerstair 2.jpg

Cleo, also on the stairs.


Blaze drinking from the flower-power fountain.


Cleo in the windowsill.


Tiger, still on the stairs, demanding belly rubs.


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Everybody gets to see Tiger's belly dark spot :-)

hehe showing them off.

Nocturnal escapes! Again I'm reminded of @GuyTMartland's series, about a time-traveling, dimension-hopping cat known only as The Cat.

I think our cats need to read these books, expand their minds.

LOL!! They're too busy reading our emails and controlling the internet.
If I were clever with memes, I'd steal Gary Larson's "Car!" alert and have cats hastily sitting on top of books before being caught reading.

(Or Kindles, as it were:)

haha, ours like iPads and kindles too, especially when they've been used and they're nice and warm...

ok, you just inspired a whole post about Cats of Steemit (Cats of the Multiverse!) - and I duly credit you for the photos I purloined:

wow! Glad to be an inspiration, haha.

Hi @grapthar,

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