Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Blaze Cuddling Up With Cleo! And Solo Shots!

in #cats2 months ago

I found something very rare today after walking into the front room. Blaze and Cleo were snuggled up together on the chair, which has been more common over the last few weeks, but when Cleo tried to get up so I would pet him, Blaze wrapped his arms around Cleo's neck and refused to let go. Usually, Blaze is the one who gets up (annoyed) as Cleo wants to cuddle, but I guess he was super warm and comfortable today, lol. Fortunately, I got a few photos of the moment! Enjoy!

Cleo and Blaze, before Cleo tried to get up.


Tiger solo.


Blaze solo.


Cleo solo, post breakfast.


Blaze grabbing Cleo, demanding cuddles.


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Sweet pictures :-)

Awwwww, sweet is right... how many years do some cats need to cohabitate before they warm up to each other?? One year may not be enough, someone told me, AFTER we rehomed my Maine Coon rescue because Bobi wouldn't let up on the persecution of the intruder.

Wimpy Maine Coon...

That Maine Coon totally reigned supreme... but Bobi, the little pipsqueak, had marked the entire house with his scritchy-scratchy territorial scent, and even though humans thought Merlin looked terrifying, he...
ok, you're right, Merlin, the gentle giant, should have eaten Bobi for brunch.

Napoleon was small 2...Look how far he got...

I'm not sure. I've definitely had cats that never really got along, even afters years of being together... they wouldn't fight, but they definitely weren't friends, lol.

I was very happy to capture evidence of this in photographs, lol.

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