Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! A Relaxed Thursday for the Crew!

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Not much to report, today was a typical Thursday for the cats. However, miraculously, all of the cats were awake, AND sat still long enough for photos, so that was a bit unusual, hehe. Enjoy today's photos!

Tiger looking surprised by something.


Blaze wanting his belly rubbed.


Cleo by the window.


Tiger again, looking cute.


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Great lively cats they have such personalities and it shows through their eyes and actions.

Good photos, I liked you, you have my support. Greetings.

Hehe such a cute photos keep uploading :-))

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This are cute cats

Hi Dear ! Again thanks for posting my favourite cats photography. Please don't stop cats photography. I always want to see these. The first one which is black and white has cute looking. 😘😘😘😘😘

hehe thanks! Glad you like the photos!

That's a very cool green "cat tunnel!" Is that actually a "thing" for the cats, or something completely unrelated that they appropriated?


It's for pets in general I think? pretty sure we got it at Petsmart.

OK, cool, thanks! I think Curator Cat would enjoy one of those, given how much he likes to get onto bags and rolled up things.