MA, look at me! I'm doing yoga!

in #cats6 years ago


Check me out guys! I'm doing cat yoga! I call this pose "Turtle Shell".


I set a personal record today, holding the pose for 5 minutes and 42 seconds! Until next time....


Photos taken with my LG G5.


nothing like some good cat photos to brighten up your day!

Indeed, this was actually extremely uncharacteristic of Sunny. He just let me manhandled him and put him on his back.

thanks for the post, your cat is so cute :D these are my sweeties



Ooh soo lovely !

Adorbs! lol Such cute kittens!

The sweet Ninja !!

Actually, this ones Sunny. The black one is Ninja:

A cat has approximately 60 to 80 million olfactory cells (a human has between 5 and 20 million).

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