Catalonia New type of separatists in Barcelona

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While in the wake of the release of the pro-independence Catalan parliamentarian, the latest protest is expected in Barcelona on Saturday for detained separatist leaders.

The latest day's demonstrations is expected Saturday in Barcelona for separatist leaders incarcerated, the afternoon after the release of the pro-independence Catalan parliamentarian Carme Forcadell.

The separatists, who attempt to maintain your mobilization, called to protest in the funding catlaane from 17:00 (16:00 GMT). Demanding the release of these leaders, they expect exactly the same affluence as for the occasion of the feast of Catalonia, September 11, which together since 2012 thousands and thousands of people.

Speaker of parliament released on bail

Pursued for "rebellion", obama of the Catalan parliament will free on bail, after pledging to respect the "constitutional framework "."It's out," a spokesman with the Spanish Interior Ministry told AFP on Friday, while television channels showed a certified Catalan parliament car leaving the Alcala Women's Prison. Meco, located near Madrid where she had spent the night.

The deposit of 150,000 euros, the bail required from Ms. Forcadell is six times higher in contrast to 25,000 euros, set for five other parliamentarians. The 58-year-old woman is placed directly under judicial supervision, which consists of the confiscation of her passport, the ban on leaving the nation and the obligation to report back to a judge when a week.

For his part, the dismissed Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, happens to be in Belgium with four former ministers of his government, pending the Belgian judicial article on a European arrest warrant from the Spain.

Catalan requests towards the ECHR

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) confirmed Friday that "four Catalan motions" have been filed against Spain. The Strasbourg Court must now examine them before deciding if they are admissible.

The ECHR said that one of them, received on October 18, originated in Mrs. Forcadell knowning that Carles Puigdemont had also signed it, in addition to a multitude of Catalan parliamentarians.

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Catalan is going in deep political crisis. Who will rescue them?

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This is a balanced news report.

I personally am not a fan of what Carles Puigdemont is doing in the Catanlan province. It really looks like a desperate power grab attempt and it is irresponsible for him to throw the province in turmoil for it. The only sad part is Carme Forcadell didn't pay for it the 150,000 Euros herself, rather, her poor supporters pitched in to pay for the bail.

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