Some curious facts about cats

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Three thousand years ago in Egypt, they were worshiped as deities. And they still remember him, will confirm every cat farmer.

There are glands in the cat's mouth which give a specific smell. When it's rubbed at your feet, it marks you.

The nose of each cat is unique like fingerprints in humans.

Most cats spend about 65 percent of their lives in sleep or nap.

One-third of the time she does not sleep, the cat is washed.

Little kittens mumble to attract the attention of their mother. Adult cats do not lie between each other. They use this signal only when they communicate with us. According to some scientists, our pets have kept the baby's habit and use it to inform us about their needs.

Do not tolerate the smell of citrus fruit.

The unique ability of cats to find their way home is proven. It's still not clear what she owes. They are thought to feel the magnetic field as if they had a built-in compass in their brains. An experiment proves that the cat is more difficult to navigate when carrying a collar to which a magnet is attached.

Cats have an average of 12 whiskers on each side of the muzzle. At the base of the mustache there are sensitive nerve endings that help the animal to judge the distances between the objects. Without whiskers, the movements of the cat become hesitant and confused.

Aside from their nose, they catch odors also with the help of the so-called Jacobson's body, located at the top of their mouths. So the cat "listens" with a half-open mouth when some interesting smell grabs her attention.

In the 1930s, two Russian biologists found that color change in Siamese kittens was related to temperature. If they grow in a very warm room, the Siamese will remain creamy-white.

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