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hello my all freids kaisey hoo app saab dost ajj maine app kye saath ik kabshurat cat kye photo share kero ko mere yeahi cat kye photo bhut hai achi lagye gai mujhe cat pasand hai aur achi bhi lagte hai uss wajha sy maine app kye saath yeahi photo share kerne lagai hoo loog uss animal ko apni ghar maine bhut hai zaida shouq sy rekthai hai mujhe bhi yeahi bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur pasand bhi hai.mera jao chouta beta hai woh uss animal ko bhut pasand kartai hai choute bachion uss ko bhut hai zaida pasand karte hai mujhe bhi yeahi cat bhut achi lagte hai.mere dost kye pass bhi aisey ik achi cat hai aur woh uss ka bussinse kartai hai uss kye bussinse maine bhut zaida passia bhi hai.jaise kye hair aur eyes achi hotey hai loog uss cat ko zaida shouq sy apni pass rekthai hai aur woh bhut zaida mange bhi hotey hai.


mere saath mere ghar walo ko bhi yeahi animal bhut hai zaida acha lagtai hai.choute bachion uss kye cartoon bhut zaida shouq sy dekthai hai.zaida uss ko bhair country wale jao loog hotey hai woh uss animal ko zaida pasand karte hai aur apni pass rekthai hai.

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