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Hello fellas,

This is an attraction nearby one of our Black sea resorts. Do you like it?


Have you got a real castle in your country?


Nice castle
I have a voting And follow

Homestead, Florida is where you can find Coral Castle. Constructed of huge coral rock oolitic limestone by Edward Leedskalnin. A single man of around five foot tall and weighed one twenty five built it himself. 1,110 tons worth of coral limestone.

Also I loved this castle in southern germany called neuschwanstein 1869-1886 for von ludwig II.
It was about 9 euros last time visited, and we took the horse carriage to the entrance, and walked back down the hill after the visit. The bridge overlooking the castle is not a far distance and the view is incredibly worth it. check out the video.

That’s a nice one. We have a bunch in Spain as well, though most are in this one in Ribadavia.


Now I’m in Ireland and there are some castles here as well. Still haven’t explored, though.

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Beautiful castle! :) We have one too in Vienna, Austria: Schloss Schönbrunn

Beautiful. I love castles. As for a real one in my country NOPE.

Now if you say FAKE castles those we have Cinderella's Castle or Sleeping Beauty's Castle, which are just a facade, used a landmark for navigating the parks.

There is some guy in Arkansas that is supposedly building one there, using the same methods used in constructing several castles in the UK.

Yes I have, in Argentina we have few Castels, this one is in Lujan. City center. Do you like it?

Wow. I like it. In my country there is a castle called Lawang Sewu. built in the year 1904. built by the Dutch. because at that time Indonesia colonized the Netherlands57035-1000xauto-lawang-sewu.jpg

yes its beautiful... I like it 👍👍

Nice. Where is that? In Poland we've got quite a lof of castles but in worse conditions. This one is cool

Beautiful! I know we have one or two, but I have never seen them.

I like the genuine true charms. I love it

No, we don't have any castles where I'm from. Due to cultural differences in architecture.

hi friends steemians, I am newcomer from Nanggroe aceh darussalam NAD is the most western tip of indonesia, best regards and compact greeting always .. thank you

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Super cool castle.

Make me think of the Tartarians.

thx 4 the upvote!

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