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RE: THE DAILY ADVENTURES OF THE LAST BIGFOOT – An Original Comic Strip @papa-pepper created back in the day

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The preview is actually more fun than the actual comics. Perhaps better build on those ideas and then do new stuff? Besides, drawn on paper they look better!


I'll consider that. Let me see what I can do.

By the way, have you read "Understanding Comics" by Scott McCloud? He has a few other books on comics, and one of the problems with how it is re-done vs how it was on paper is juxtaposition. It is quite important!

Never even heard of it, but thanks for the insight.
I think soon I'll do a test of both mediums, and see what people like.
Thanks again!

It is the "Prometheus Rising" of books on sequential art. More or less a masters degree on comics as a comic. Lots of insight in very acessible form.