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My german cartoon series will be available now for international viewers by steemit.
All future steem-content will be release in english only!
Visit my german blog for multilanguage support.


This is how i start to create a toon ... extremely oldschool ... time to make the digital ones more professional ! Do you know how to improve my drawings? Please leave some help or/and links in comments.

Do you like to get more translated versions of my cartoons? Show me your support with an UPVOTE & RETWEET, and/or visit my website (multilanguage tanslation button available) for more cool stuff . . . if you like to support my work, i linked a couple of more possibilities at this link

Dont miss anything in the future and FOLLOW @BussDee ... if you like to double check, FOLLOW my lovely fiancée @brunner081 ... it would make us really happy!


German Mainstream Media Exposed: https://emb.d.tube/#!/felix.herrmann/nae76i7q

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