This Place... IS HAUNTED!

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Hi Fellow Steemian Folks!

How have you all been?
Work has been eating up my time lately but I finally got a new post in!

OMG there's a new webcomic contest?! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!
This just shows that our steemit webcomic community is really growing! This is AMAZING!!!

I'll be honest, this was supposed to be an entry for another web-comic contest (the theme was Haunted House) but since I didn't make the deadline for that one then I'd love to have this entered in the 3rd weekly cartoon-off! by @corpsvalues!

If you guys are interested in this other webcomic contest, I invite you to visit @cobmaximus' blog! He's a pretty cool guy who's been supporting the webcomic community for awhile now. And he does a lot of funny comics himself! I'm sure him and @corpsvalues will get along pretty well with both of them supporting the steemit webcomic community!

Without further ado, please prepare yourself and check out my scary comic below:

I know what you're thinking..
If other haunted houses saw this... They'd be face palming.

I made this horrific tale in Adobe Flash:

  • First I make the outlines for the scene using the brush and paint tools. I added a foreground and background of dead trees for a creepy effect.

  • Then I added the characters of the story. I tried to make it simple (Fact: I'm just bad at drawing actual people).

  • And lastly add the "terror filled" dialogue...

Thank you so much for checking this out!

If you'd like to see more of my webcomics, please head over to my steemit blog.

BTW, we have a lot of great artists here who make webcomics!
Please pay a visit to the #steemit-webcomics tag and you'll get to enjoy some pretty cool stories and art!

I also support a very promising project called DCOMIX! Everyone into webcomics would probably love to check it out! Please visit the @dcomix blog and read all about it!

Thank you so much for the support!
Till' next time! :D



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Thank you so much for featuring guys!
You all rock!

That poor house! The ghosts just keep following it around...

Thanks to @tcpolymath, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

NEATO! Thank you so much @thedailysneak and @tcpolymath! 😁

oh man the face of the house is just priceless xD

He was really shook! XD

hahaha pretty shocked face

so simple, so nice....

Aww thank you! 😊

haha I love it!
Thanks for entering with us (and yes! I do know about Cobmaximus' contest, but mine is slightly different and here is how)

  • 3 categories that you can win in
  • your submission can be a single panel
  • your submission can be non-humorous
  • your submission can be older work
  • no skill required! (we love first time artists!)
  • open theme! (but this might change after a while =p)
  • our prizes are less! (mwahahaha thought I'd save the best for last)

Can there be too many prizes to award our amazing cartoonists? I think not!

Wow the best part really got me! Lol!
Now you have me hooked!
Thank you man! 😂

Thanks for sharing the process, you make it seem easy. :-)

Ahahaha! Well it did take me awhile to make. The hardest part is starting it! But once you get to it just follow the flow. (Am i making sense? Lol)

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Another vely vely intelesting strip you got here bruh. Ito trip kong comics, doesn't matter if minimal details basta andun lang yung need na elements to get a punchline.

Haha! Thanks bruh! 😂

The house wasn't expecting that xD hahaha

yep! Hahaha! :D

lmao at the terrified expression of the house. I guess the ghosts are homeless now xD

Lol! You maybe right about that. Poor ghosties indeed! 😂

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