Winners of Fifth Weekly #Cartoon-off Contest!

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Thank you for your submissions!
Be sure to enter the week 6 contest, which is already posted!

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Single Panel Winner


Well done, @crittercrats! 3 SBI has been purchased for your account.

Multi-panel Winner


Well done, @guri-gure! 3 SBI has been purchased for your account.

Humor Winner


Well done, @art-huntress! 3 SBI has been purchased for your account.


Let's take a moment to thanks our judge, @jansensandersart, who has taken the time to judge our contestants: never an easy thing to do! Be sure to follow his blog, since he is an extremely talented artist!

The weekly cartoon contest is sponsored by @corpsvalues, in the spirit of giving back to the Steemit community and fostering growth.
@corpsvalues is a US military veteran who does artwork to promote discussion and healing to those involved in wars, and is an avid cartoonist and writer. He does all of his own artwork in his posts, which range in topic from comic to tragic. He firmly believes that artwork is for everyone, backed by studies that have shown how artwork builds and mends neural pathways in our brains. For him, this competition is a mission to bring as many people as possible into visual creativity and foster the continued work of those already doing it.

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This contest follows the vision and guidelines of the @themesopotamians initiative, created and led by @tcpolymath.
You can read more about themesopotamians here
and find out more about this excellent community of users and how to support the project.
Be sure to follow @m-sargon, to get the curated bulletins of themesopotamian members.


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Awesome! Thank you very much! @corpsvalues and @jansensandersart Congratulations to the winners!


Thank you very much! @sanderjansenart

Nice job, and congratulations!

Thank you. You did a great job! :D

Thank you very much! @corpsvalues.

Thank you and you too. @art-huntress

Yay! I'm one of the winners!

Thank you @corpsvalues and @jansensandersart :D


Niiiice! Thanks @corpsvalues and @jansensandersart!
Congratulations to all! :D