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RE: 1971 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider

in #carslast year

Thanks for sharing, am I super happy to see you posting about cars again 😁! I too, personally prefer the Berlinetta variant, since I'm not much of a roof-down person, anyways. But still, both cars are still too pretty to ignore, and I love them so. The best of all, is that interior, and how simple and elegant it is. The tan leather, and that gauge cluster. I love these old Ferrari interiors. Hope to see more car stuff from you, mate!


Yep Berlinetta looks better and in Canada, you can use the spider two / three months a year. And the interior is beautiful with these seats.
Thanks for the resteem, it's really appreciated (your followers have very high upvotes, it's great)... It makes me want to write other posts about cars 😀.

Cheers, and I can definitely see an issue with using the Spider in the winter. I guess it's not so much of a problem in Italy, coasting around the Amalfi Coast, eh? You can always try posting in a Community, like OCD, or GEMS. There's a lot of people there that want to see great stuff, especially some of these beauties!

Thanks for the tip... I'll look to these communities.