Tesla model 3 production rate has been ramped up to 2k units per week ?

in cars •  8 months ago

After Elon played an April fool bankruptcy prank on twitter joking about teslas bankruptcy he has reportedly announced that the model 3 production is now at 2k units per week in an email sent to employees. It's however important to note that the model 3 ouput is still below teslas' target of 2500 per week by the end of the first quater but it has been a significant ramp up in its production scale.model 3.jpeg

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Too funny. People will finance this as long is there is a sun to power solar panels/batteries. The world has a fever and the only prescription, is more Elon.

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No matter Tesla's problem, I am happy to have faith in Musk's ability to get the job done.


me too...such a big fan of Elon i absolutely believe in his ability to make it work plus its not like he hasn't saved the company before @rhyscn

Car is looking amazing but April fool was bigger than Car 😂 what you think such April Fools should be make or not because I think that was so shocking @yemi90210


🤣 @ajmalaftab the joke was definetely a good one...we cant be serious all the time in life cause at the end of the day what will be will be lol


You are right


Nice article. I believe in Tesla and the future of electric cars.👍🏻