Is this Home-Built Turbocharged Toyota Celica Better than a New BRZ?!

in cars •  2 months ago

Hey guys! Today on the show I drive quite possibly one of the most fun custom-built turbo cars in the world. This 1985 Toyota Celica is some of the best times i've ever had in a lightweight sports car, and that's saying a lot. With a 2.4L 22-RE inline four under the hood, complete with a home-built turbo kit, Cameron's project car has me wondering about the word "torque." Seriously, it was so much fun.

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Hey @roadsuntravelled, thank you for sharing your project, I see you put a lot of work and efford into your Celica, it is great to see that young people interested in created and improving something with their own hands. Nowadays I think much is just replacing the parts and not many garages are interested in unscrewing the stuff and may be just to change a single small broken part. In that case it would be not expensive for customer so hte garages have no interest. I am really impressed with your hard work and it is nice to see that it works. Great job, boys!

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture


Thank you for the compliment, we do our best to create professional, cinematic and entertaining content for our viewers. There seems to be too much amateur/ GoPro style automotive content on Youtube so we wanted to create videos with higher production quality.


YOu have done really well, there are a lot of documentary about cars and auto magazine docu in television, so your video reminds me those. it is always nice to such such program, thank you for a tip :)

You guys are crazy 😜! I love this sound of the Celica And the turbo. Your video reminded me on the mighty car mods which I watched in the past times. Great 👍 job done here!

Now I have to check out fanmods ;-)


Yeah please do, we are very excited to be partnered up with Fanmods as the app gives our viewers a more in depth look at the car!

Hi! I am new on your post and I am amazed to see your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

Wow I really love the quality of this video! You put a lot of tech and effort to putting this together - I can tell! Seems like a fun drive and I love the hum c;

I have a question about the exhaust, if its dropping down under you, does that mean if you aren't moving fast enough that it can seep up into the cabin?

Dude, it looked like you were having a ball. Fan mods is awesome, Cameron has really done a number on this thing, I thought it was going to come apart when you started it up.
Do you ever upload these to Dtube or Dlive? Dropping them in youtube and one of the others could increase the payout on some of them. Especially if the Dtube guys like you.