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RE: What should I buy for myself? Please help me and answer in comments.

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Ohhhhh its a hard one! I like the look of the Mercs... but i dont like the engineers that are building in too much ore planed obsolescence! PS Sold GT BMW 320... it was ok... nothing exciting, comfortable, cool top view camera.
Do you like Lexus?


YES I have Lexus RX200t F -Sport now and not planning to sell. And i had two lexus before LX570 and LS460L

Well then, What the Fruit*?% are you thinking!? If you go back to #Mercedes Or #BMW from a LEXUS its like going back to a #Lada, (not quite the same🙈)... PS Good Taste Bro!

for second car, i need smaller car for daylight

IS250C Тогда