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The Ford focus ST a hot hatch that's been on a lot of peoples bucket lists, and yes alledgedly an RS is coming 2020.

That being said this is no slouch it's powered by 2.3 L petrol turbo charged engine our model has custom ST suspension and a Performance Ford pack with some rather cool additions including Launch control.

You get Recaro sports seats natty alloy wheels with an extremely low profile tyre, and don't forget great looks and not to 60 in around 5.7 seconds, and likely to be closer to 5.2 if you didn't need to change into 3rd and crazily this car will do around 170mph, yet is limited to 155mph.

The performance specs are quite phenomenal - 0-100mph in 13 seconds not far off the FK8 Type R GT.

This car is extremely well set up we took it out from Wetherby SMMT and as you'll remember from the ASX it was torrential, not ideal for performance hot hatches, or was it?

How it handled in the rain and how fast it accelerated how it cornered and generally was amazing, it even has slippery mode, how this car is so planted is beyond me, it sticks to the road like glue is very very responsive with the 2.3 engine and the six speed manual gearbox.

It is very well set up hot hatch and you can even get an estate version too, we'd love to have this next to the FK8 on a track day.

We have this booked in for 7 day review, and we can't wait, prices, tech practicality etc in full review.

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Awesome wheels! I need it for my Skoda Rapid.