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Now this is a different type of video, it wasn't planned. Hope you enjoy it, and love my badly photoshopped head (purposely)

Annabelle headed off to London and she took the Silver Honda Civic down to the local train station.

I had the thought whilst away to do some tweaks to the car, it then struck me it's not here.

I had to go and collect the car before she returned then I could pick her up from another station.

There was nothing else for it, I started off on my little adventure (randomly a couple of weeks previously i'd watched the hobbit trilogy, inspiration?)

I started merrily wandering through some Woodlands whilst heading to called Burton well and as per usual it was completely waterlogged, this area doesn't seem to drain quickly at all.

The little stream was infront with a raised walking area, a bridge if you will fully submerged on an inch or two however that meant the next part would be more challenging, but it's all part of the adventure, right?

As you can see i'm starting to tell the tale... mind you that's what the video's for, an Indy type thing.

I start by documenting each part of the video as a wander along, there are humerous points, scary parts where I come across dogs, I even see a Land Rover Defenders steps I embark on private land escpades - all types of things it's quite amazing what you can make from an adventure to collect your car.

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