#111 One Day, One Car

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Today back to 30's with the historic American automobile, the top model of Cadillac.

The car? The Cadillac V16

This Cadillac V16 also known as the Cadillac Sixteen was launched in 1930 for 10 years of production. There were only 4076 units released.

From the name, you can understand that this one is powered by V16 engine of 7.4L.
Do you think it is enough?

Did you know?

This full-size model was the largest series production ever made in the United States with 3.912 mm (154 inches) wheelbase for 3000 kg (6600 lbs).





Bonus picture

Enjoy ;)

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Awesome car! Can't beat a V16!! The Cizetta16 was created as a direct competitor to the Diablo. Looked very similar and done by the same designer who got made when Chrysler did not like his final Diablo design.

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gorgeous car

I would rather own one of those than own any other car


It has something special indeed :)

Lovely car and angle of your photography is also good.It seems to be a very unique model.

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Very cool old car... I want photography this car :)
I think this photo fill be cool print on my wall :)