Running out of fuel and still driving? Not a good idea. 车就快没油了还不去添?不是一个好主意

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Let me start with a question. Are you the one who will continue to drive even the low fuel indicator is ON? Well, you are not alone. Guess there are a lot of the people did this as well.


A while ago, my colleague fetched me from PJ to KL town to delivery Chinese New year hampers and oranges to customers. The entire journey he drove with the low fuel indicator ON. I reminded him few times and he just brushed me off by telling me that it's normal for him to drive in such condition. I don't understand why he wants to put such unnecessary risk on us. Here are some of the reasons why we shouldn't drive our vehicle in low fuel.


Fuel gauge is not always accurate

Yes, the fuel gauge is just an estimation. We tend to rely on technology so much that we forgot sometimes technology may go haywire too. Also, the fuel level very much depends on our driving behavior and other criteria. Don't even speed up to try to get to the petrol station, doing that will even dry up the fuel faster than you expected. Air-conditioning, electronics such as radio and mobile chargers are also sucking the fuel. Don't think that little bit of fuel can really last that long.




Damage the fuel pump

The fuel pump is one of the important parts in our car. It sends fuel from the tank to the engine. Little that we know of, the car fuel pump is kept cooled and lubricated by the fuel. When the car running low on fuel, it may overstress, overheat and damage the fuel pump.




When our luck runs out – Stuck in traffic

We will never know what will happen in the next minute. When the car is running low on fuel, we assume that everything will go as planned and be able to reach the petrol station just in time. The next minute, we are stuck in an unexpected traffic jam. Oh no……. Traffic jam is stress, adding the low fuel indicator light, it doubled our stress.

好运气用完了 – 堵在车龙中



Worst of all - Risk of losing life

In Malaysia, there are a lot of cases whereby people lost their lives while changing the tire or fixing their car on the emergency lane, due to approaching vehicles failed to spot them. So, don't think that emergency lane is safe enough. We only live once, so we need to be good to ourselves by not letting us risk our life due to this silly reason.

最严重的 – 生命的威胁



So, since there are so many disadvantages on letting the car running low on fuel, next time, when the car is on ¼ full, why don't we just turn the steering, drive to the petrol station and spend the few minutes to refuel. Nothing to lose because we will need to spend the few minutes anyway. This will eliminate all the unnecessary risks mentioned above.



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Never really understood why people let their fuel tanks go down to empty-it's not like gas is cheaper when you buy it in bulk. Great post!


Good point! not like gas is cheaper when you buy it in bulk!

@kokuryo, 讲得太好了!



I was told by mechanic to every few tank use it to near empty. The reasoning I was told was the dirt and other impurities would settle at the bottom and if that bottom is not disturbed for a long time all the dirt accumulation would clog the filter when the driver actually run near empty. Now that is many years ago and I have no idea if it is still true with current tank / pump design.


Your mechanic is betting on you killing your fuel pump so he can get more business from you.


Lolll @dxn, that's a very expensive fix somemore.


May be guy was trained before the change to pump in tank design. Guy retired a while back. I will take your advise and refill early. Thanks.


By the way is that fuel pump common damage item?

@kokuryo, steemit上我觉得只需要静静读你的贴就值了~~~ img

BTW, @cn-naughty.boy 淘气包,好像快情人节了咧,去哪里约会...羞涩中...


@cn-cutie.pie 谢谢你的鼓励呀。
@cn-naughty.boy 有人等你约呢。。。

Yup totally agree! Pump your petrol before its too late haha


Some people thick skin never wanna listen.. haha

Agree with your points!


Yeah! So many disadvantages, but still people doing it. :(

I like to live dangerously kekeke


LOLLL... good luck to you P

@kokuryo 有些人就是“铁齿”。当油灯亮起时,最多只能行驶多60-70KM。如你所说 - 不怕一万,只怕万一,安全至上~