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Click for hires image!
This is the Single turbo sitting in place in my RX7 engine bay.
This turbo is capable of producing 500- 600bhp in my car depending on the configuration. It can flow 0.75kg of air per second, which a rotary engine loves to chomp on.
These turbos were manufactured with powering a 15 litre truck engine in mind, not my 1.3 litre Mazda, but because they are made to power a large slow RPM diesel motor they spool up very fast for such a large turbo.

Physical size is like this:
Length (mm) 249
Width (mm) 275
Height (mm) 225

For those who are wondering about the compressor wheel sizes it has a 99 mm Exducer wheel and 65 mm Inducer.


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Brap Brap Brap Brap Brap Brap Braaaaaap tsu tsu tsu tsu LOL

Nice piece!Is this 0.75 maximal pressure?

That’s the flow rate, in cubic metres, pressure I don’t know. I’m presuming it could run about 2.0bar or even more if the engine could take it.
I have been taking it easy and running 0.6-0.75 bar. Good for 350hp without blowing the motor. But the turbo isn’t hardly working at those levels.

If you don't care much about the engine give all you can just to see how much can take! Nice topic anyway. I wish i hat the possibility to experiment!

Haha yeah, expensive rebuild on these though. I need bigger injectors first, an even bigger fuel pump, maybe a double pump.. she’s a thirsty little minx 😈

Gotta love a Holset!

Yeah they are robust and effective at delivering a large amount of air 😈

Nice you should post some video of your FD 😎

Hi, if you look back through my blog I have posted about 3 vids on Dtube. 👍

Very nice!

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At what rpm does this Turbo spool around? I'm sure this turbo helps with the torque levels! That's a great shot you have, what kind of camera are you using?

I still haven’t got the setup complete, so at the moment it makes about 365nm of torque and 350bhp that’s more than the standard car even though I’m not running much more than stock boost. Starts spool at about 3500rpm. But I am pretty much running the lowest boost setting possible.
Camera is an old Canon 5D mk1. Does the job well though. 😀

my guess is the turbo is as big as @nelkeljdm head! haha

I think that’s a pretty fair estimation 😂

Which head :D

You bell-end 😂

That is some kind of sexual, nice looking Turbo. I'm still running stock Twins at the moment on my FD, but that will change

Really popular turbo in Sweden, it’s a Holset HX50. Used on Cummins Diesel engines. The stock twins don’t last long if you turn up the boost 😈

Can I ask, why is it that people do a single turbo conversion as oppose to just upgrading to two bigger twins? I am new to this, so apologies if the answer is obvious haha

It’s simpler. Running twins is more complex in all ways, plus you have to buy 2 turbos!
The original system is made to spool one turbo first, then the other, too keep even boost and power throughout the rev range. The system is very complex and tends to go wrong easily.

Ah ok that is understandable. I don't want to de-value my car though, and I think buy doing a single turbo conversion it would do that

Yeah you're right, original condition RX7's are sought after. Mine was already done when I bought it.

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