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Every child while growing up have a specific profession he or she have the desired of becoming in the nearest future.
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How to guide children to the right career path in life

Understanding what they love doing
Every parent and guardians should study their children or wards in other to know what they are interested in.

Some children right from their tender age have interest in repairs of common household electronics, some in business, some in sport and so on.

Introduce the various professions available to them
After knowing what they live doing, help them nurture their skill into a profession that best suits it.

Help them in their school works which would be needed to optimize that potential skills they have.

Give them vocational training
Enroll them for vocational trainings in line with the skills they exhibit to further help develop it.

Be their role model
Let them learn from you and make your life style their guide.

Share your work experiences with them
Always share with them your professional experiences so that they can learn from them just as the popular saying goes that "experience is the best teacher"

Share with them how to relate in an organization based on your experience and how to react whenever an issue is escalated.

In conclusion, guide them well so as to make the right career path in life and not making that crucial decision for them

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