Half Dead But Pretty Much Still Alive

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While heading home from a departmental meeting early this morning, something caught my attention and I wouldn't say it was weird but rather artistic with a touch of beauty.
From inside the car I was in, I saw a tree while passing through a small community settlement, well the tree had something that immediately had my attention called up. Exactly half of the tree was dead and the other half was blooming just fine, so I wondered how that was possible.

When I first saw the tree, i stopped the car and stepped out to really understand what I had seen. I walked closer to the tree and I was surprised to see the tree in such state, what had happened exactly that would have left the tree in such a state, but then I noticed that the tree had an opening creating a space inside of it.


Am a curious person and I was just determined to know about things am not clear with or things that seems new to me, so seeing that tree wasn't an exception. After standing close to the tree for a while, I took out my camera and decided to take some pictures and just in a moment I saw a boy passing by, so i stopped him and tried to ask him why the tree was like that, maybe he might have an idea and behold he told me exactly what happened. He said some couple of days back, some little kids were trying to burn some pieces of dirt paper and after they had lit the papers they took fire and put it in the hole in the tree, he then said at that time the inside of the tree was dry which means it would easily burn. So after the kids dropped fire inside of the tree it then started to burn for long until he himself got water and quenched the fire inside it. I guess the tree was badly damaged due to the fire, which then caused part of it to wither, but am pretty sure when it starts to rain more often the tree would regain full health.

I'll love to pass a message here, which is we need to care more for the living things around us, the trees, the plants the animals, etc. But although not all living things are friendly to us but as long as we can identify the good and beautiful things around us, we can help them better. I have a garden of various plants and taking care of my garden means a lot to me because I feel I owe those plants my care, plus it's really healthy to nurture a garden, you can also try it out and see.

Thanks for taking time to go through my post.


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