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RE: Cards & Tokens Update Feb-2019

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Hi Viterbo,

Thanks for the CNT tokens friend!

Really sorry to read about your stolen TLOS - awful.

Whilst, I can not help you replace the tokens I can certainly help with CPU and NET delegation for as long as you need. Let me know if you have any delays getting a GB grant and need it fast (but will still need 3 days notice).

My friends and I are more than happy to support your worker proposal too.

Best wishes.



Hi, @sirknight !
I really appreciate your support. I think that GB grant will be enough. If for any reasons it delays too much or I could not get it, I will definitely talk to you.
Thanks again for the support! I'm working hard on this project.

Not a worry Viterbo. Incidentally, @marcelo182 will be doing a short review on your Cards and Tokens app for our SteemChurch Telos promotion site @sc-telos. If there is anything new you want shared, please let him know.

Incidentally - this Knight has an idea about SteemChurch Community membership / parishioner cards floating around his head.

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Thank you SK ... I will. by the way .! You can also see an idea for the parishioners, something like a presentation card for each parishioner.

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That's right DM.

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