Cardano ADA take me too the MOON!!! Coinbase listed coin!!!

in cardano •  11 months ago


Why are there crypto's valued higher than Cardano? I read over the website and it blows my mind on what this team is doing. The gist is crypto domination. Cardano will eventually overtake Etherium, but this will take time. For the people that forsee this the rewards will be many. Also here is a great insider tip for you, Cardano will be listed on COINBASE!thumbnail.jpg

See built by Ada at the bottom of the help page on coinbase!!! You are welcome and happy new year. If you hope on theCardanoo Ada train it will be a very very happy new year.

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The next coin, and probably the last one for 2018 being listed on Coinbase is going to be Monero.


That would be amazing if it happens. Having a solid privacy coin on Coinbase, which garners tons of volume, would give it a solid boost. Thanks for sharing tolkatore! :)


My pleasure, but based on Coinbase's previous addition history, they only add very high quality and proven coins, so this makes sense.

ADA on GDAX huh? Any more insight into that? Timing? That would be a very nice surprise...

Never even looked into Cardano. I'll stick to my smaller cap coins for the most part.

Where are you getting the information about cardano being listed on coinbase?


From coinbase using Cardano's products. Look at the picture.


Hello and I have the same concern.

ADA is a programming language, though.

I read Cardano is run by an ex- etherium engineer so it should be one to watch in 2018


Bitcoin is the model T Ford. Etherium is a Ford Escort. Cardano is a Ford GT. I'm not that smart, so I like to keep things simple. Even I can see that Cardano has moved into top 5 with a potential of a 10x move in 2018. wish you all 100x gains this year!

i am korean

i have invested ADA

Open my account

ADA income 10,0000 $


Jejuin you are the man! This is what I like to see. People making life-changing moves. Jejuin hold onto your Ada there working on their wallet and you will be able to earn more Ada by staking. Soon as the new wallet comes out you will be able to join a stake pool and receive more ADA just for being an owner. Its just like mining but it works by holding and joining a poolright from wallet.


You said it perfectly.


When did you start investing in ADA

next one on Coinbase should be Ripple (XRP) but lets see

coinbase is shit, randomly banning people

binance is the best one i have experienced so far....

low transaction fee
attractive competitions and giveaways
so many different altcoins for trading
has trading charts, trading history
-u can easily withdraw 2btc without even getting verified.
use my referral code to sign up, and tell me your bnb wallet address, i will give you a free bnb coin (worth USD$9) as a form of appreciation.


Not true.. Coinbase has been good, but all exchanges have their own issues. I use Binance too, I just don't like the high fees! And I don't regret it, Cryptos just make me smile!!


haha u r saying 0.05% trading fee as "high fees"?


the only thing i don't like about Binance is that when you converting coins the change thats left over is just sitting in your wallet. There should be an option to use the leftover coins to buy BNB or something. i have micro amounts of lots of tokens left over i can't do nothing with.


Coinbase is great unless you pay with a debit card! The fees are astronomical that way. When you pay using your actual banking info, it's cheaper for sure, but you don't have access to your coins right away which totally sucks Ballz

i think your going to be seriously disappointed,and based on how conservative their dev team has been to not over valuate the price , i highly doubt they approve a ADA listing when development wise they are a long way away.

I hope your right as i'll make a good amount of money if they do.


Going by the criteria coinbase listed on their site, Cardano is one of very few that fit. But even if Ada is not listed we will make a good amount this year. I promise!


I tend to agree with you here regarding ADA! It may be listed on Coinbase one day, but that day is long in the future. Who knows what will happen to this coin by that time. I actually love the technology of this coin. We shall see!

Great observation there! I really hope they do.. They are the ones to take over ethereum!! Keep On Steemin On!!

This is awesome news, but I think the next coin to be listed on coinbase will be ripple, then we might see ADA. But most likely it will be NEM.

But that is the fun about all this, we really don't know. But let's be honest any of these coins have fantastic potential!

Nice post! I follow you! =)


really guy?

I simply do not understand why the sudden surge of price for Cardano. At this high price, It doesnt even have a working product yet and there is too much hype. Other coins deserve to be in the top 10.


Cartels will pump any coin they want to succeed ...simple


What do you mean? LOL- this coin is the exact opposite of that and has a totally different mentality!
But, why do you say what you do? Do you have some insight you can share? thanks


It's most likely due to the fact that ADA has solved, supposedly, many issues which other coins are still riddled with. Also, it is altruistic to an extent.

Ada is a company that provides chat bot support to various platforms. They should not be confused with ADA - it's misleading to others in the crypto community.
With the investigation of recent insider trading against Coinbase when BCH was added in December, Fortune Article, I am surprised by the amount of tips I see in the community.
Be careful friend

ADA is the better

Thanks for your post!
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Based on this article i'm not so sure about this...

Using a product made by the company doesn't necessarily mean they'll start supporting their coin.

Cardano is just a rip-off of DPOS


Why is it a ripoff?

This is in reference to an AI chatbot.

Do you really believe ADA will be added to Coinbase?A