Where ADA is heading next. Technical Analysis.

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If you're a Cardano (ADA) holder like me then this analysis may help you to understand where ADA is heading next. From my analysis we can expect a downside move to around 0.00001881 price point or around that zone. From that zone holds & ADA manage to break the trendline to upside then we easily expect ADA to 0.00003030 price level. As you can see from my chart that in that price point there is very strong resistance level. But if ADA manage to break that level also ADA is not gonna stop till 0.00004120 as you can see on my analysis. Now we all have to watch these points very carefully.

ada price .jpg

So here is my analysis on ADA. Hope this blog is valuable if you find some value from this post then don't forget to upvote & comment your thoughts on ADA.


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When bitcoin up ADA will be highest

Yes you're right

I think Cardano will reach $1 by year end

I am expecting $3-$5 by end of this year. Let's see how it goes.

its 3rd generation Crypto Currency.. so holding for long term :)
hoping for good rise this year

Yes its a great coin.

I min lov with ADA ...let's see how much we will get this yr

ADA is a great coin so no doubt it will give us great ROI in long run.

Ada will surely go high

Yes i do believe

Gud information

And please upvote and comment on my post.

I will do the same thing.

Thanks bro. I already did brother.

Ada is one of my favourite project . I will hold ada at least 2 year . Great team with vision .

Wow that's amazing. I am also a long term holder of ADA.

Wow that's amazing.
I am also a long term
Holder of ADA.

                 - dhanjkalita

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ada a good project that's why we don't worry about it .he can not falling alone all market ARE falling

Yes you're right. ADA is now trading at around $0.14 so even ADA reach $1.50 by the end of this year its 10x our money. How great it is.

ADA is also known as Ethereum of Japan and Ethereum killer. its ATH is $1.21 in Dec-2017 and right now it's available at very low rates. ADA should be a good buy.

Yes definitely. ADA has potential to give at-least 10x by the end of this year.

Actually at that time market is down so any assumption is not sure

You may be right.

I just love this coin. I think it will reach at 1$ this year

I think it will reach $3 by the end of this year.