Cardano (ADA) desperately needs support

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As much as I like Cardano (ADA) its immediate future looks gloomy. With BTC building momentum and alts loosing market share, the community will have to decide if Cardano can run with the big boys.
The chart below is not a prediction, rather an outcome, if the community and investors loose faith in ADA over the next month.

What do you think will happen? Will ADA find support and soar or loose over 80% from its ATH?

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.32.30 AM.png


Do you see a bottom price? I’d like to pick up a lot of this one still. No doubt in my mind, long term, this one is going to the moon. 💪🏼🤩🚀📈

Thanks a lot @cryptoprice for showing everyone the reality. Cardano surely needs our support and we all need to join together to make this coin great again! This is not some random coin made to earn heaps of profits by investors and enthusiasts. This coin is with a purpose - Completely anonymous and encrypted transactions which are faster and a lot cheaper. They have developed this platform to have decentralization with a set of regulations for security and ease of use.

I think it is going to be one of the greatest coin of 2018 but right now it is bleeding a lot. I think as investors, we need to be more open about ADA and promote it under our influence so that it will pick up pace very soon. Cheers!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I was reading a article on cardano the other day.well it presumes it to reach $2.5 by the end of the year.
Now by seeing this analytics it seems like rocky days for ADA.lets see how it behave in coming days.

$2.5 is well within reach by the end of the year. if it falls as low as the chart above it's likely to form a nice cup and handle but mid summer- early fall

I think Cardano deserves to be looked at seriously by the community.

I think so too. Although if it doesn't happen soon, it will fall out of the limelight.


Most appropriate picture I had ;-)

Presale price was 0.0024 $ for 1 ADA, so there are many people who made hugh profits and maybe will sell for btc if the price goes up again. BTCs future looks brighter in the comming weeks. ADA is a nice longterm investment, but I dont think there will be some big gains in the next weeks.

Beside that the dev team is well known and organised, so if the price keeps droping I will buy more. Long Future looks good in my opinion.

you could say that about any coin re the profit taking. is there even such a thing as "long term" in the crypto world where there is zero consensus or certainty?

Sure, but the ADA Ico isnt that long ago and the immense pump wasnt healthy at all.

I always look at the team and if a good projekt has many good devs and less marketing people I invest and wait. If you look at a team which consists mostly of marketing people the coin will mostly be quick on exchanges and will rise quickly but will fall the same way a few days later, because there is not much development. There are many examples like MakerDAO, DigixDAO, Aeternity, and so on with a solid team which had a nice past and maybe will have a nice future.

In my opinion most of the new projects in late 2017 and 2018 are bullshit... It is much harder now to find good projects as in early 2017 or 2016.

Unfortunately I got in near the highs and after an initial increase it all been horribly RED. My main alt coins are ADA, IOTA, TRON and VERGE, also have some VIBE and SUBSTRATUM. Everyone is say blockchain tech etc is the future, but that's hard to believe with all my coins being down even during the BTC rally, regardless of how much they went up seems in the past everyone made parabolic gains and now those days are over, I got into crypto last Dec and feel that I missed the boat, such a horrible time to buy after a huge run-up. Clearly BTC is NOT the future, since many alt coins are far more effective & promising technically, but the market seems dubbed down now and only cares about BTC

Oh okay, most new people try to use stock trading strategies on crypto and that doesnt really work. Diversity for example isnt a good idea in crypto, because you invested fiat currency ($, €, whatever) and mostly want that your portfolio is worth more fiat in the future. Problem is almost every coin gets traded via BTC or ETH to fiat, so if these two coins rise or fall in fiat value everything else will follow.

In my opinion you should trade to get more BTC or ETH and not fiat. Iam a ETH hodler and I trade to get more ETH. So I search projects and invest to increase my amount of ETH and I only make long term investment of atleast 1 month. Daytrading or similiar is not recommended, you will mostly loose your money in no time :D
There are alot of trading bots out there and they will rip you up easily.

Cryptomarket is so volatile that is is near pointless to look at the fiat charts every day. I always look at the to ETH charts of my investments and trade that way. If ETH has a high to fiat i sell some, but if you sell to fiat and pay it to your bank account you have to deal with taxes and that does not make much fun.. :D

So look at the greater big picture, ignore fiat charts and always do your own homework. Dont trade after a youtube video or steemit blog post.. most of them are bad researched, so just research on your own. You cant be participating on every rise and you cant avoid to loose sometime.

Always trade with a clear mind and not of fear for missing out on something, it is always better to play safe.

There are just too many stupid blockchain projects at this time, believe my alteast 90% of all Coins are just crap and not worth a single cent!

TRON for example is just bullshit, same with SUBSTRATUM and VERGE. These are Tokens for a Blockchain that isnt even in Beta status. So why should I invest in a heavily overpriced project that doenst even exist yet?
Such projects are 99% pump&dump, dont fall for such crap!

Verge and Iota are nice projects, but I would only by them at a dip for a long term investment.

BTC sadly is the future, segwit adoption by major exchanges last weeks cleared the mempool and allow again "cheap and fast" transactions. In my opinion The btc hype will continue the next weeks. Also lightning works like a charm on the testnet, if that comes to mainnet this year btc will rise.

These are my personal opinions, iam not a god or similiar, so i may be wrong with my assumptions of the future. Dont follow blind my opinions, always do your own research!

thanks for your insight. I'll give it a few more months but if things aren't looking good by then I'll pull out of crypto and put my money elsewhere. With the huge risk & volatility there needs to be huge gains as well, and there have been no gains in crypto the past few months. Also, if the crypto market goes sideways for 6 months then it's an indication that the party is over.

I think you are right about the riskiness of Tron, substratum and verge being a gamble. That's why people are so excited about them. I think those investors who read posts and watch youtube see the potential but may not realize how far away they are from producing a final product. I'm not putting anything in I can't afford to lose as these tokens are a huge risk with a potential for growth. With 2018 shaping up to be a banner year for entry into the market more money will be coming in and these firms will be incentivised to come through with their promises.. at least we can hope

When I was initially starting to invest in crypto Cardano was one that really got my attention. I was really excited about the possibilities and the roadmap they had. I didn't invest though and ended up going with EOS instead. I still really like what I am seeing development wise with Cardano, but I just felt the other was the better way to go with the small amount of money I had to invest.

On the way to Bitcoin Super Conference in Dallas last weekend, I thought: "After this weekend, I'll surely know whats better; EOS or ADA." Unfortunately with more information, I'm more unwilling to cut out the other.

:) That is too funny. Given unlimited funds, I probably would have put some into both, but I had to make a decision based on what I could afford. Glad to know it isn't necissarily one vs. the other though.

in short term things are looking a little shaky, but I believe cardano can bounce back and has a bright future ahead for a few reasons:

  1. ADA is big on private transactions as well as responding to the needs of regulators, which, in my opinion, makes ADA primed for mass adoption over time
  2. ADA's network is backed by a scientific philosophy and has been built through peer-reviewed research by top of line engineers, so in other words the team behind ADA is very promising in my eyes

the overall framework is still in the early beginnings, so I think after some time, likely near 2019 ADA has the potential to scale the ladder


And it may be healthy for a pull back now for future price action.

Yes, I agree with this. If a likely pull back were to occur this may be a good tip to buy the dip and up your hodling of ADA for future price action

unfortunately, pull backs are not "healthy" for people like me who are in the RED on Cardano

I think it gets up USD in the long run.

Hello colleague, I hope you feel very well :D. Very good post, I voted for it. I invite you to visit my last post:

I would very much appreciate your support. A big hug and greetings ;)

Average of nine panelists predictions for end of year: $10.63.
Also, Cardano will get a lot more attention when Shelley comes out in Q2.

cardano is a coin of the past. It is the bitcoin cash of today

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Cardano and my other alt coins have been a huge disappointment. Everyone was all about the alt coins a few months ago, now it's all about BTC, everyone just changes their story with the times. The crypto market is just chaos.

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That's quite a big decline man! not good for holders!

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