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RE: Cardano (ADA) desperately needs support

in #cardano4 years ago

in short term things are looking a little shaky, but I believe cardano can bounce back and has a bright future ahead for a few reasons:

  1. ADA is big on private transactions as well as responding to the needs of regulators, which, in my opinion, makes ADA primed for mass adoption over time
  2. ADA's network is backed by a scientific philosophy and has been built through peer-reviewed research by top of line engineers, so in other words the team behind ADA is very promising in my eyes

the overall framework is still in the early beginnings, so I think after some time, likely near 2019 ADA has the potential to scale the ladder



And it may be healthy for a pull back now for future price action.

Yes, I agree with this. If a likely pull back were to occur this may be a good tip to buy the dip and up your hodling of ADA for future price action

unfortunately, pull backs are not "healthy" for people like me who are in the RED on Cardano

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