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In his Reddit response to Dan's post, Charles refers to the EOS ERC-20 token distribution as an ICO, which is completely wrong.

In his cardano telegram response that has been posted to Reddit, he comments thus in response to the outrage at his failure to acknowledge his use of Dan's ideas without citation.....

  • As for citations our protocol is distinctly different * Delegated proof of stake is basically paxos with a voting system bolted on * Somehow Dan forgot to cite Leslie Lamport * He stoled work from the 1970s * We have nothing in common with this idea *

This response, clearly rushed, reveals Charles's inconsistency. He says his protocol is distinctly different, then says DPOS is paxos with a voting very similar other than voting then.

Then he accuses Dan of the same failure to cite, without any proof....which is what he is guilty of himself with respect to Dan's DPOS innovation.

Finally, he claims there is nothing in common between the ideas when he's just said DPOS is paxos with a voting system.

Dan isn't the one stealing ideas. He doesn't claim to have invented everything and does not claim everything else is junk.

Ethereum is an interesting computer science experiment. Does it scale without becoming something else entirely? No.

Instead of deflecting, I hope Charles can accept fair criticism and start acknowledging that he isnt the fountain of authority in this space. The world doesn't need any more egotistical academics, it needs real solutions to real problems as quickly as possible.

That Charles has no respect for Dan is clear. Why is that? What has Dan done other than what he said he would. Build tools that protect life liberty and property. Bitshares and Steem....two of the very best tools for accomplishing that. Yea, nothing to respect there.


That Charles has no respect for Dan is clear.

I had a chat with Charles yesterday, well more an exchange of words in which Charles rants about his grevancies... I posted a little about this yesterday, and today Charles has begun hurling abuse at me over it.

If, as Charles claims, Dan called Charles a sociopath, I think he must have good cause for making such an assement. Charles isn't exactly demonstrating a rational behavior to the contrary.

Charles seems to be demanding respect and asserts that Dan has extremly little respect for him. The at times narcissistic ranting albiet humorously missfortunate was somewhat disturbing.

I don't know about you but I evaluate a project part on interaction with team members and community so when a team leader displays these types of characteristics it's going to naturally make me think twice about evaluating further.

Whatever, Charles claims to someday be adding to Cardano is really just empty words at this point academic peer review or not.

You know when you cannot argue, attack ad hominem...

Absolutely, goes without question and pretty much sums up why I ended that post with the video interview of Charles ranting about supposed addition ADA capabilities that Ethereum simply doesn't have, listen for Crypt0's response! "wooowhaaaa..t " it's hilarious about 1:13:00 in

Charle's argument seems to be that peer review somehow ensures the quality of your idea or solution. The problem is, there is significant evidence (ironically often in the form of peer reviewed papers) that this is not the case:

so they... shouldn't try so hard? And just release rushed buggy hackable code that may have far reaching consequences not easily foreseen. Good point.

Thanks for sharing John, I wonder about Hashgraph, not so sure about @alexpmorris hehe :P

I'd probably hurl abuse at you too if you were to profit from making me look bad.

He makes himself look bad acting that way. I just shared the truth, as I saw, no big secret in that. If he disagrees or has issue fine but to the point there is no need to be abusive it just invites negativity.

You make yourself look bad. He takes the time to do an interview for you. To give you value by getting you views and you stab him in the back by trying to ruin his reputation.

I hope your EOS investment sets you up for life so you wont have to do any more backstabby interviews.

Well, you are entitled to form your own opinion. I don't agree with it for a number of reasons but have no qualm giving you the time of day.

Mind you, as the saying goes; looks can be deceiving and don't believe everything you read.

He takes the time to do an interview for you.

Incorrect, I did not interview Charles (I think you are confusing the hilarious video interview between Charles Hoskinson and @crypt0 (which I linked in my post)

Backstabbing!, also incorrect, Charles (the character in the mentioned Cardano Telegram chat) and I are not friends.

If there is anything else you would like to add, feel free to take this over to my post here and I'll gladly give you more time, I freely, do what I enjoy!

Most people may have a hard time controlling the initial feeling they have when they hear something they consider a verbal attack, but we do have control over how we react. Charles' reaction shows low emotional intelligence.

I like Cardano but I prefer Gina that works in a street close to mine...the problem is that she charges 50 euros....Vanessa charges 20 but she has no teeth

No teeth every time😂

Thank you, Dan, for inventing this tool that allows me to show what I need to the world without being censored. I really appreciate this Alternative Economy and it's an honor to be around so many smart people

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