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RE: Peer Review of Cardano's Ouroboros

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A much needed post! Thank you.

I would also be interested in a post describing the falling out with Hoskinson. Not for its gossip value (although feel free to give details and quotes with some name calling ^^) but for context.
Perhaps it can shed some light on the nature of these two new projects (EOS and Cardano) and how they differ on a more fundamental level.


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I'd argue that the founder appearing in a comment to explain things in such depth is worthy. If hillary clinton can get paid millions for a single speech, you're paying for the appearance just as much as the content, the difference being this is voluntary donation and public

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I think that is unnecessary. Charles Hoskinson's behaviour speaks louder than any subjective analysis of the past. Investors have all the information they need to make solid decisions right now.

Right, EOS and cardano new two project.

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competition betwern cardano and eos is a good thing. may the best platform win. in the end its the users that really win. im leaning towards eos ;)

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Bitshares stands out among the second generation of crypto money with the possibilities offered by users, in fact it is a platform beyond being a crypto money. The most striking feature of this platform is the "crypto-entity". The crypto-entity is the name given to the crypto paral- lel that each user can produce at any time he wants. So anyone entering the system on this side can create their own crypto
@cob @ned

Charles brought in the money and then Dan kicked him out. I got that straight from Charles on Skype the week after it happened. But there’s more to the story that reflects even more poorly on Dan that I feel I shouldn’t blabber about. Notice @dan downvoted your comment, probably because he doesn’t ever want that information to come out.

Charles was basically driven out of ETH also. I think in both cases he wanted a more transparent and higher quality compliance with law. Neither Dan nor Vitalik wanted oversight of a board or requirements to produce certain quality of whitepapers and such. Charles likes formalism. Dan wants to operate by the seat of his pants with informalism that amounts to roughly about the academic level of a high school science project.

Yet I am not too overly impressed with IOHK thus far though. Lots of formalism, but very little in the way of significant foundational breakthroughs as far as I can find so far.

Note I used to discuss with both Dan (bytemaster) and Charles (charleshoskinson) on in 2013. I thought it was a strange partnership at the time, and I didn’t expect it to last long. They just seem so different. Charles is an academic. Dan is a very strange person. He is sort of mix of an engineer, snake oil salesman, and a progressive, leftist wolf wrapped in libertarian sheepskin. Very complex to try to understand his psyche.

Thanks for your post!
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