BMW electric car world premiere - BMW i Vision Dynamics

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BMW starts the hunt for Tesla.

New electric car announced today on IAA 2017 in Frankfurt !

The eternally successful german company wants to compete in the upcoming electric cars market.
Their product, the BMW i Vision Dynamic - a four door electric sport coupe, is coming soon

BMW i Vision Dynamics at the IAA 2017.

Today Chief Executive Officer Harald Krüger presented the BMW i-Vision Dynamics at the International motor show 2017 (IAA17

The BMW i Vivion Dynamics- A Serious Announcement

  • 375 miles of range
  • 200 km/h top speed
  • 4 seconds to 100 km/h

Klaus Fröhlich, Technical Director, said:

"e-mobility has become the new focus of our brand."

Series production for this car is planned.

The BMW i Vision Dynamics

is located between

the roadster i8 and the small car i3

BMW Executive Board

"We also want to be the leading premium provider in e-mobility,"

Tesla sold around 80,000 electric cars last year and is aiming for sales of 500,000 cars with its model 3, which will be released next year.
Krüger said that by 2025, BMW will offer twelve electric powered car models.

In addition to i Vision, BMW was also revealing:

  • the new off-road vehicle X3

  • a study of the electric minis to be launched at the IAA 2019

  • and a study of the powerful luxury SUV X7.


BMW is going to push the competition barrier for sure with their latest EV news like this.

It is only going to get better for the consumer as time goes on, with all the EV car companies.

i would wonder if bmw continues with its slow development in this sector.
and i am interested to see what "planned series production" means in the near future.

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