Auto show IAA Frankfurt (Germany). (↻110%)

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Today I will show the world of luxury cars. Most of us will never buy these cars. They look exactly as much as they are appreciated. And these cars are very expensive!

I hope that the course of the STEEM and the SBD will be as solid and expensive.

Almost all expensive cars are black or dark colors.

If the car is armored, it looks even more solid.







Шикарно и дорого! Красивые фото, спасибо!


2018 Acura TLX
This subdued sedan offers both comfort and capability.2018-acura-tlx-in-depth-model-review-car-and-driver-photo-687627-s-original.jpg

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Wow this is beautiful and awesome, thanks for sharing and more grace to your elbow dude

beautifull car....grat post auto show contest..
thanks for sharing....

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nice very nice . all of your great photos. if you share some more information it's to be better . price may be share next time .thanks

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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nice car!!