Caption Contest 16: Lost108 Entry

in caption •  2 years ago 

Hi there guys, welcome to another caption contest entry by me, I really enjoy this one, quite a bit, here is my entry for caption contest 16:

The progress of human evolution.


Thank you for stopping by, till next time :)

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Sounds interesting .. i will be following this

"The progress of human evolution"

This sounds deep.


If we try to describe the picture, I could say that judging from the left hand side, humans used to ride on the power of other humans (manual labor) , but as time progressed, it got to the era where humans starred to ride on the power of other beings (animals).

However, for this to illustrate the progress of human evolution, I think it has to somehow incorporate an illustration of the use of robots because we don't ride on donkeys again.

This is just my thoughts. I may be wrong though.

Very interesting that image, very well written the title for the contest, you can clearly see the progress towards the transformation, of the [email protected]

Great caotion, thanks for sharing!

The god of strength and power " hanuman".

i think slavery has been an important part of human evolution.. i think.. can i enter the contest

Wow!! Slavery... I actually didn't think of it in that context.

great work i really liked this i am also artist and i appreciate for this.

Once in a way of amusement
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I following you.You are very friendly .Your art is too much amazing
Thanks for your kindness .

Great picture!!

very intriguing, the clues... one must be sort of a Terton...a treasure finder..for this speaks of a world of sorrows, and exploitation of

i enjoy your post! thanks

@lost108 i m not sure who made the pic, but the left side depicts, lord Ram riding on Hanumam, and the mountain on top depicts the maountain whicg Hunaman ji carried on his palm to Sri Ram whn Lakshman was unconsicious, during fight with Ravan.

That is a very interesting part of Ramayana that mention the Sanjivini and ayurvedic plant that can help people reborn.

You need to google the whole story a very interesting to.


Clinically thought out. Well delivered

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That's great
But how do u know about Lord Rama & Hanuman.

interesting I will be pending of the next post