NextValium GUI 0.8.0 for NextColony - Loot calculation and list of full depots

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We integrated target loot calculation into the mission dialog, to calculate the minimum number of ships needed for an attack to get all unprotected resources of the target planet. This was an idea of @michelangelo3. Thank you :)

NextValium GUI 0.8.0 - Mission dialog

Then there is a new info dialog showing all planets with full depots. Double clicking on a planet centers the galaxy map on this planet.

NextValium GUI 0.8.0 - Full depots dialog

Then we optimized the NextColony universe view. X/Y now have the same zoom factor.

NextValium GUI 0.8.0 - NextColony universe view

And some other minor optimizations...

Here are the sources on Github:
Downloadlink for the app: Ask for it in the comment section

Captain Kirk


Great work, if we can browse the map will be great.
Thanks for sharing the download link.

Hi @hdmed, browsing the map is difficult, because requesting galaxy map data from @nextcolony is very time consuming. The only possibility I see is, like the map of @rafalski, when zooming out to display only the planets and not the explorations and missions. But the universe view of the NextValium GUI does the same.

pls download link :D

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Lieber Prinz,

ich wünsche Dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr...


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Feature request: automatisches flotten saven. Gut wenn ein doofer depp aus Korea vorbei kommt 🙄

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Hi @schlafhacking, das wäre ein gutes Feature für den Bot. Wenn man so was in die NextValium GUI einbaut, müsste man die immer laufen lassen.

I'm happy, thanks a lot!

Thank you very much! :)

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