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To some people, freelancing is a way of life. And that goes either way - i.e. whether they are rendering their services or seeking services from skilled hands. Freelancing as an economy hold huge potentials to anyone who positions him/herself to tap from its resources. Little wonder then that some freelancing firms are a household name in some countries. Some names readily come to mind here such as upwork,, fiverr, etc.

In blockchain context however, freelancing is relatively new which of course owes to the fact that blockchain itself is a fairly new technology. As with a few other freelancing dapps onchain, canwork is a dapp with a vision to revolutionize the freelancing industry by onboarding it upon blockchain. By so doing, it is hoped that the blockchain technology would gradually come to a wider and wider adoption among freelance service providers and job creators.



CanWork is a freelance marketplace Dapp for digital services such as software engineers, graphic designers, content writers, marketers & virtual assistants. source

Canwork is a freelance platform/marketplace that is built on the blockchain technology; a place where freelancers and job creators can meet to offer their services. As a blockchain platform, canwork is built upon the ethereum network technology and it is powered by its own platform token ($CAN) which could be used as a means of payment for services on the platform.

Unlike the regular freelance sites, canwork offers users different choices of payment. Users can pay for services either with their debit cards, ethereum, or the $CAN token. Canwork is among the many dapps listed on and it is ranked #69


To get started on canwork and begin using its awesom services,


  • Tap on the menu bar and click on Join


  • You're presented with options to signup - either with email or social media accounts like facebook or Twitter.

  • Next you need to set up your profile. To do this,

tap on the down arrow beside the human icon to display the menu options then tap on *profile


  • Fill in every information required on the page as seen above such as your eth address, email, etc and click on Next


  • In the next page, fill in other personal information to be displayed on your canwork page such as your bio, name, experiences, etc.

  • Ckick on the Next button again at the bottom of the page, then submit your form and wait for appproval from the team.


Once your account is approved you can begin making use if the canwork platform, offering your services or creating opportunities.


Canwork platform is unique for its features some of which include;

  • Zero fees on job creators
  • Minimal fee (1% service charge) on freelancers
  • The platform makes no use of middlemen. Freelancers interact directly with their clients
  • Canwork makes use Escrow services. The platform acts as escrow in payment transactions to check fraudulent activities.
  • More importantly, canwork offers its users multiple payment choices. Users can make and receive payments with fiat or cryptocurrency like eth or the platform token ($CAN)


Canwork deserves commendation for its efforts in bringing freelancing into blockchain. However, I think the platform still has a long way to go in actualizing its goal and making the daap user-friendly. For instance, the dapp would do well with a better design that captures one's attention at a glance.
Also at the point of submitting my profile info for account approval, I received an instant message that my account could not be approved. This appeared pretty much like a bug coz the team could nut have gone thru the submitted forms in that instant of a second. This issue needs to be addressed otherwise it turns off potential users. The team should be more active and diligently peruse every application, giving their approval to deserving ones






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