Bloom Update

Hello there fellow Steemians! Are you ready for some bud shots? Well you are in luck! This room is stacking up hard! We have a great variety of strains in this room including Kushage, Tallymon and East Coast Sour Diesel X The White! I hope you all enjoy this update panorama. I will be sure to take many more photos as this beauty of a room finishes!


That is it for this one folks! I hope you all enjoyed and happy Steeming everyone!

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That is incredible

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Beautiful flowers! You going to come to the Portland meetup on 420? Gonna be some fire and growers contest!

Love it man!

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I won't be able to make it. My second son is coming in March so I will be even more busy! Sorry I'll miss it though. Peace.

I have 4 plants growing

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More than most people though. Gotta start somewhere.

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