Blueberry Kush : Review

in cannabis •  last year 
  • Indica
  • 4.6 / 5
  • Berry Strong and Relaxing

The Strain

Blueberry Kush is a creeping Indica that lulls your body into a deep relaxing high. It was developed in Oregon by crossing two giants, Blueberry and OG Kush. It’s a very potent strain that lives up to its parents reputation.

The blueberry scent is prominent and it smells delicious. Fruity and earthy, like a blueberry pie sitting in the forest, a salivating aroma. The high is deep and luxurious. Perfect for when the sun goes down and the chillin begins.

The Flower

The flower is a striking blue. The green plays second fiddle in this strain. I guess technically it’s more of a light purple, or indigo perhaps, but there is no confusion as to how this ganja gets its name. Crystals cover this sarphire flower in abundance and give it a night sky twinkle as the red hairs crawl around the surface.

The smell is delightful. An earthy fruit bouquet with strong tones of blueberry and hints of citrus. It was sticky and fluffy as I broke it up and rolled it in a blunt. I couldn't wait to taste it. As I was smoking it, I had to check to see if I bought a blueberry wrap. Nope, it was just a regular Swisher. Just shows how strong and delicious the taste is.

The High

The high was strong, deep, and tranquil. I felt the indica sooth my body and my muscles melted like ice in the hot sun. Euphoric, content, I was able to unwind after a long day. I felt a little drowsy, but that was fine with me as I laid on my couch.

As the experience went on, a relaxing cerebral high started to creep in. Therapeutic and heavy in a great way. It mellowed my frantic mind and calmed me down. Like a cozy blanket on my worries, wrapping me up and preventing me from overthinking.


I give Blueberry Kush a 4.6 /5. It’s a powerful relaxing indica with a wonderful blueberry smell and taste. The bud is very pretty and I love the blue leaves. It reminds me of a plant that might grow in the land of Avatar. The smell is delicious and it tastes just as good. A fruity berry blend with a little citrus and earthy undertones.

Most suited for the evening, Blueberry Kush slowly seduces you to a soothing euphoric experience. The strain is very potent, but a creeper, so pace yourself. Perfect for vegging out on the couch or right before bed. Blueberry Kush is used to treat insomnia, pain relief, and anxiety. This strain will soothe your body, calm your mind, and delight your senses.

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Good job sir.....

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Love it. OG kush is my absolute favorite. I love indica's mainly because I prefer to smoke at night. Gotta try this one.

Awesome man, I can imagine how tasty it is!

That jar pic is awesome

Beautiful 🔥one of my favorite strains 👍🏼