Hemp Cigarette Review #2

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A more in depth review of Hempsmokes

I made this video to let people know how much I love these Hemp cigarettes. There was nothing else out there that could help me finally quit nicotine! It physically feels like you are smoking a cigarette...but its HEMP! it tastes better than nicotine, doesn't make your breath or clothes stink and you can actually kiss your non-smoking lover (if you have one) after smoking one :)

They are made up of 50% Sugar Leaf and 50% Hemp Flower. They are relaxing, tastes great and is extremely smooth.

In this video I break open a hemp cigarette and give you a close up on whats inside. So go ahead and check out the video below, let us know what you think!

And if any of you want to trade some of your SBD for our CBD

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