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First off, Happy 420 to all! 

No lie, this is my favorite holiday of the year.😁

I'm excited to have some exclusive content for my Steemit followers today. After careful thought and consideration, I purchased the In The 5th Degree vaporizer by Prohibited. I am happy to say it is an awesome product and I highly recommend it.

Why Vape?

At an increasing rate cannabis users are seeking combustion-free alternatives to traditional smoking methods. Vaporizers use low heat to vaporize oils from loose plant matter. This means users don’t inhale smoke or burning plant matter. The good stuff like THC and CBDs are vaporized without reaching temperatures high enough to actually combust or burn the material.

The 5th Degree Vaporizer By Prohibited

The multi-function device retails for $199 and can seamlessly vaporize both dry herb and concentrates. The device uses magnetic drop-in cartridges to switch between the two. After some use, you might consider picking up new cartridges, which can be purchased individually for $39.99 on This could also come in handy for traveling. Fresh cartridges wouldn’t produce any smell.

The 5th Degree vape runs a built in 1800 mah battery. Charge it with the included charger and wall adapter. The part that connects to the device is magnetic and quite strong. (Be sure to use the included adapter. Using a 3rd party adapter can void the lifetime warranty) 

This particular vaporizer by Prohibited comes in 4 colors: black white teal and purple. I chose the purple. 👍

Additionally Prohibited offers several nifty accessories for the 5th Degree mod. So far they have release a dabber attachment for the mod and an e-rig kit with interchangeable e-nails & bubbler.

Other pertinent information: Prohibited is a new sub-brand of the V2 E-cig brand. I read some poor reviews about older V2 products, but this Prohibited device seems solid and well built.

Dry Herb Vaping | 8/10 Rating

The 5th Degree Vape performs quite well with dry herb. The dry herb cartridge features a chamber boasting ultrafast heat up times. In roughly 25-30 seconds the vape is ready to rock and roll. You don’t press the button simply rip away while the perimeter light on the bottom glows green.

The cartridge chamber will fit about a half gram of ground buds.

The vape is nice, but I knocked a few points for air flow and vapor production. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad, I’ve just seen better on more expensive devices.

When vaping dry herb, you can choose between 3 heat settings:

Low 390 °  F | Med 415 ° F | High 440 ° F

Concentrate Vaping | 9/10 Rating  

I was really impressed with the concentrates cartridge, which you can use for your favorite shatter, wax, and oil. The 5th Degree vaporizer utilizes a dual-quartz and titanium heater to vape concentrates. You can load up the device with up a lot of oil, but smaller dabs do produce more vapor. 

Vapor production is on point! And the device is ready to rip dabs instantly. 

When vaping concentrates, you can choose between 3 heat settings:

Low 3.7v | Med 4.2v | High 4.7v

Items Included With The Vape 

  • 1 In the 5th Degree Vaporizer
  • 1 In the 5th Degree Dry Herb Cartridge
  • 1 In the 5th Degree Concentrates Cartridge
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Magnetic USB Charging Cord
  • 1 Pack of tools for basic cartridge maintenance

So What Do I, @slickwilly Think About The In the 5th Degree Vaporizer?

It might just be my new favorite cannabis tool! The vape is well built, versatile and discreet. I am impressed to say the least. Vapes that claim to do the same, can cost double or triple the price of a 5th Degree Vape. It works with both herbal and concentrates and does both well. I also really like the drop-in system for the cartridges. 

Prohibited definitely put some thought into the product packaging. And I dig it. 👍 The art is cool and the vape is nicely secured. 

The device is super easy to use, but I do suggest reading the instructions. Turn on the device with three clicks. Vape concentrates immediately with the main button and when you switch cartridges, hold the main button for 3 seconds to start the heating process for dry herb. 

Side Note: 

I purchased the 5th Degree vaporizer for personal use. When it came in the mail I couldn’t get the vape to work at all. After reading the warranty I realized I had messed up real bad and voided the warranty by using a Samsung fast charge adapter. I went ahead and contacted [email protected] I told them about my intentions to write a review on Steemit for 4/20 and they happily sent me a replacement device. The replacement has worked flawlessly for the past week and I am using the 5th Degree more than my other smoking devices because it is just that good. 

Pick up a PROHIBITED IN THE 5TH DEGREE Vape Today!  $159  420 Deal! Available just Today!

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Happy 4/20! Thanks for sharing this cool vape with us. I love the Mighty and Volcano for vaping dry herb but don't find it as useful for the concentrates. That's great that there's a device that's good at both. I'm sure it helped you celebrate the holiday.

Dude that looks sweet! Never got to try a hand-held vaporizer, but we did have a Buddha in college. The vape is such a 'cleaner' high and hits you totally different.

haha, my first E-Cig was a V2, I haven't followed them at all recently so had no idea they were in the vaporizer market now. Good for them!

Thats a very nice rig!! Actually was talking with my coworker to buy a nice one since her battery is always messing up on her. Happy 420!

The powers of the herb are as wonderful as the earth is beautiful! Good for you for caring about your body enough to vape. I usually prefer to rip from a big bong.

Have you noticed any health benefits from switching from burning plant matter to vaporizing??

Great review you shared thanks a lot for sharing it :)

Greeting from morocco awesome stuff and so interessing for hash:)

Looks like a great product!
you post rarely, but as you are free and enjoying holidays, hoping to see your post daily.
God bless you!

ive been looking for a good portable vape foe flower maybe ill check this one

Pretty cool looking vaporizer, and I appreciate letting us know the charger thing, were you at the festival today?

Loos awesome 👌👌👌👏

Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you an upvote because I appreciate your content! =D See you around

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