Oh You're So Special, TYRONE SPECIAL!

in cannabis •  2 years ago  (edited)

So it looks like It snowed last night and this little nug of Tyrone Special is smelling ever so lovely this morning! Piney, lemony, fruity and a little pungent.

Look at the mountains of super frost on her jugs! I mean nugz!!

Tyrone Special always grows SUPER FAT and has some amazingly DENSE jugs! I mean nugzz!

She went 71 days from seed to harvest; this is 2 weeks after curing and sitting at 65% in the jar!

VIDEO: https://streamable.com/y0g4x

Thanks for checking out my quick little drop of Tyrone Special!

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Gorgeous! Be Proud!

She looks very, very yummy and definitely frosty!

Interested in New Information About Cannabis?

Since you're a grower, I'm interested in your feedback on some information I've posted. I'd rather continue the series, so everyone can benefit, but lacked interest from steemit. I realized I have to put more time into letting steemians know it's there. lol

Check out the Esoteric Cannabis Cultivation series I started and let us know your thoughts. Thank you for choosing to grow cannabis. :)

Truly amazing!

Elrond Huston Aka ehuston

Thank you!

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Thank You - @blueorgy

Thank you for the up vote!

Wow, it's been nearly two years for me..but damn that looks good!

Haha thank you for the words! I should join you and try to stop as well. Yet with my anxiety, insomnia and depression I feel cannabis is a better choice for me than my doctor keeping me on Zolpidem (Ambien) and Xanax. I felt like a zombie on that stuff and when the ambien didn't kick in all the way and allow me to sleep I would be doing crazy things with no knowledge of it the next morning.

I feel ya because lately I've been depressed. Maybe I was before and just didn't realize it but I'm starting to think about re-entering that world again.

Last week I was so high :)

hahaha; why not this week? Taking a quick break?

It's hard to work, all time being high :)

You just need the right strain bro! Grab a great sativa like Green Crack or Lemon Haze... they are a clear headed high and you can still focus on your task and be more motivated than usual.. well at least for me

agree bro, but in my country it's not legal grow or smoke weed and here also poor chois of cannabis, so thats major reason why im not using it often

its cool I understand bro! Hopefully soon it will be legal there. I just like to engage and speak with my followers on steemit! Hope you have a happy and enjoyable day ahead! I'll smoke one for you! :-)

ty bro,seems like you are cool guy just like me :) nice to meet you here. see ya around, have fun bro


Looking fantastic beautiful colour thanks. Cheers mike

Thanks mike! appreciate your feedback! Cheers!!

Your welcome mate

That nug is perfect.

thank you!

I will follow you to see your future posts!

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