Gummies For A High Class Trip In A Short Bus: Part One

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Well, Let IT Be Known.

I lasted exactly 60 days before I was offered my dream retirement job.

By my Hair Stylist.

And without question, I naturally accepted.

(I suggest that you lift yourself now for the full appreciation of all my skills. I can boil, stir, pour water and tell a whopper of a juicy story that’s been in the making for a solid decade.)
(Fair warning to you all.)

Truth be told, I did think about it overnight and then, sent her a text (the next morning) verifying that:

I could do anything that I wanted as long as no one got seriously hurt or arrested.

I was ALL in at that point.

@doitvoluntarily, this is looking like it’s going to be a 3 gummy recipe series (by the time I’m through). I know gummies are your favourite and @vantocan wanted to see a recipe that wasn’t laced with gelatine, refined white sugar and food grade dyes; and I wanted to try my hand at using powdered freeze dried black cherries and blueberries.
You will see that the simple gummy can become intricate and specifically made to appeal to the discerning palate of any gummy canna-isseur any level of refinement...even if there is none.

Ok, back to my new job.... (and how that could possibly relate to the making of a batch of gummies.)

I’ve been through some real shit with this Lady.

A messy, violent break-up with her first husband which is the reason why I’m making this standardly accepted gummy recipe, first.

The full reason is because:

she wanted to ease her son’s heart about feeling inadequate and like he was the “butt” of everyone’s joking...

So (naturally) she had a short bus 🚌 tattooed on one of the cheeks of her ass.

She Did It Voluntarily.

It worked. When the kid was 12.

(They bonded over laughter and it’s a good memory shared between a Mother and a Son.)

Ah, that’s such a nice feeling isn’t it? (Enjoy that happy thought for just a few seconds.)

Now he’s 22 .

She still sees that damn tattoo every time she takes a shower...

And feels equally compelled to warn the team every time she has to have a colonoscopy.

Every Time for the rest of her life.

Gawd Damn.

(Or, at least, until she decides to get it fixed.)

How the hell do you “fix” a short bus 🚌 tattooed on your ass?
Trust me. I stay up at night wondering the same thing too, but that’s unconditional love for you. ;)

On Saturday, this Lady is turning 50.

And has rented a short bus to take 16 other women and her brother (who’s flying in from the Peg for 36 hours; and bats for the same team as the rest) and me on a wine tasting tour down into the county.

I get to be the BUS tour guide and her brother will co-host for 5 hours.

It’s perfect!

Thank you Universe.

I started to pack my kit bag.


I am not joking.

16 cougars (that’s a lot of cat)... try taking one on.

I fucking double dare ya.

You’d want a whip and a crop to protect yourself too.

A couple of cat toys would be good insurance and highly entertaining on the bus ( I thought).

(It will be for my co-host and I, who (apparently) is just as big a stoner as I am.)

We’ll be golden, just in case anything goes south with my offering of standardly accepted (but moderately medicated) gummies. ;)

Yes, I’ll give everyone the same lesson from the top of the bus’ aisle.

After that, those Resting Bitch Faces are on their own, wearing their best big girl, party pants.
Not holding anyone’s hand during the Short Bus, trip.

Just there to support my girl...


So, I bought this fool proof kit that contains the correct ratio of gelatine and sweet and sour (refined sugar and citric acid) along with natural cherry flavouring and beet powder for the colour.


Cherry Bomb

You can see the pictograph instructions.


This product is Canadian and you’re simply just supposed to add an infused oil or concentrate to it.

Here we go:


(Yeah, grown from seed and extracted with my own shine.)

1 full gram of fully extracted cannabis oil.

This is a concentrate made from a strain of cannabis called Creamy Caramel. I had it tested and it clocks in at 18.8% THC. The package will make approximately 30 individual gummies.


  • Put in a small saucepan.


  • Add 9 tbsp of water and whisk on medium-low heat to disperse the concentrate and suspend it in the water.


  • Add the powdered sugar mixture and stir.


  • Pour into moulds.


  • Let it set up in your refrigerator, overnight.


(Posted to YouTube by TheWho on October 27, 2018.)

  • Continue to pack and get ready for the Short Bus.


I’ve never danced on a wine bar before.

High Class is right. Lolz!

to be continued (maybe).

~ Rebecca ;D


We're sure it's a tasty prepackedaged mix, and your infusion is surely wonderful!
The issue with gelatin though is that it's the scum that floats to the surface when they boil animal guts, hides, and skeletons. It has no business being made into candies or medicine. Sick! Even those in our group who eat meat are disgusted by gelatin. It's lower quality food than the pink goo made by pureeing assholes and kidneys, aka 'hotdogs'.
If anyone is looking for a recipe for vegan gummies, here is one, but there are many online. They can be infused by mixing in concentrates, as described in this post. Stay lifted :)

What a great recipe!

Yeah, super easy, once you have the infusion or concentrate to add to it.
All kinds of different out to approximately .50 cents a gummy, then through your herb on top...$50 a gram puts the end product at $2.10 per gummy....That $2 high, (although weak for me) will keep someone else happy for 5 hours. If I made these (at my strength) I’d use 3 grams.
That’s the beauty of this product. It’s totally customizable. ;)

Sounds like a party is in the making! Bet those gummies will be tasty! Happy birthday to your friend! Drive safe on the short bus. 🚌🎉🎈

Thank you @yogajill!
3 of us are going to have a good time for sure...
We checked if there are rules from the Bus Line company...yeah lots of rules...know already that we’re going to be sent to the principals office....won’t be the first or last time for any of us. ;D

No good is going to come as a result of my trip uptown @ganjafarmer...start preying for this bus now. The only saving grace is that the harvest moon is a week off the mark. ;D

so I can make edible with that oil? I mean My nector collector makes this oil; I usually rub it on my body but, If I wanted to, I could cook with it (obviously for my own treats, oil is somewhat recycled and decarbed by my lungs if ya think about it) but I do have about three grams of that oil in a jar... could I use it? its awesome as a topical. Mix with tiger balm and it makes Tiger Bomb. lol

Technically, yes @deardabby420!
I’ll be raunchy as all fuck, I should suspect because it’s like what’s left over after being scorched.
If you try it, I’d bury it in Spaghetti sauce with lots of garlic...should be decarbed by the heat/fire you used. I decarb my oil, which makes it completely edible without heat. I can squeeze it right out of a syringe onto a nut or raisin and it’ll get the job done. Cool about the Tiger Balm. ;)

yea, it spreads nicely. Sorry late response. These bones are do fucking tired. <3 (but yeay!!!!!!! Ill put in stuff!!)

Try it in something that you can bury it in the flavours of the food, like a casserole or ginger cookies. Just until you figure out just how raunchy it is. Then you’ll know what it is best suited for. ;)

I was never all that great at this kind of candy making but I might have to give this a try because I both weed and gummies.

could use a sack of delicious gummies! lol

Oh damn lol she gon be in charge!! I foresee an eye-opening part 2 in our future and I cannot wait to see what you all get into LMAO.

A wine tasting sounds like great fun and the gummies should guarantee that a good time will be had by all!

One lone man with all those women hahaaa....your dream job and maybe his as well. Be sure to snap a pic as he debarks the short bus.

Hahaha! Thanks for commenting @tamaralovelace! I wish you could be on the Short Bus in person with us.
Well don’t get too excited on the one lone wolf thing. We’re all batting for the same team.
So looking forward to having a good time. ;D

Phht! how did I miss that the first read thru??? LOL

It's shaping up to be a whole lot of fun and I'll be there vicariously :D

It’s absolutely a perfect storm in the making.
On my suggestion, the Birthday Girl checked with the bus line to enquire about their rules...yeah lots.
I guessed that they will also not prefer it when I bring my fogger and hotbox the entire Short Bus in 2 minutes...
I also am in charge of the music LMFAO! really? Ok.

Loud and proud, liquefying the glass windows of said Short Bus with the base.

Just got to remember it’s not my birthday. Hahaha!

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