Distillate Eye Candy

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delta 9 and delta 8

Brings a head high with a bit of heat instantly when vapourized. No odour, no taste. Fairly quick up and down.

Approximately $3 K bottled in a mason.

(That’s a lot of dabs.)

Conclusion: Even though it’s smooth, I’m still a full spectrum Lady.

~ Rebecca


Yeah high thc is nice time to time, but im the same as you, i need all the goodness packed in whole flower , that stuff is marvelous looking i do have to say!

honey from the future ;)
but yeah.. we all need balance, you're right!

If you had nothing to compare this medium against, a person would love the smooth delivery and lack of complexity. No taste, no smell so will not be a detectable flavour in an edible or an infused carrier oil.

I'll always go for the natural medicine...even in lower ratios...
but yes... I'm a high freak... in all PSYnsence / sciences...

It was my first exposure to delta 8.
I’m still trying to plot this (medium) in a hierarchical order of potency and strength to determine best use practices.
Every time we take stuff away to produce a better product ...some other benefit is lost.
Didn’t even need to clear my throat, so folks who generally require a lung transplant after a dab will enjoy this gentle experience. Brought a little sweat in 10 seconds like high % THC does and should and the whole thing lasted about 30 minutes from start to finish. Missed being wrapped in a terpene cocoon.

I could actually like terpenes more than delta 9, 8, or any of its isolated cousins. (Sacrilegious.) Hahaha!

Viscosity is slightly thicker than bee honey at room temperature. Shatters when cold. It’s an interesting medium, I have to say. ;)

such skill you have with that plant!

Look at u go. Pretty awesome👌😁

Yeah good looking honey... I prefer it with taste too... Never dabbed tho...

How are you doing, Rebecca? ;)

Hi @trayan!
The progression of kundalini continues.
I have started to be able to read the subtler energy signatures that exist in nature and am very interested in the manipulation of water...specifically hydrogen.
Monumental changes coming in January. Channeling lots.
Have you settled yourself with your living arrangements?

Congrats! :)
Gonna watch the movie...

About my arrangements: not yet... it's into progression too...
Was about to ask you the other day if maybe I'm able to assist the deeds remotely...somehow?!

Water ~ absolutely! Flows as the most physically liquid type of energy ~ the most organically assimilating expression of consciousness and nature's mirroring holographic principles :}
The Internet and gadgets are just emulation tools to wake up inside of simulation :D


Have you watched this?

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