Legalizing Cannabis In Pro Sports Is Hopefully Right Around The Corner

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Cannabis is legal throughout Canada. It is legal either medically or recreationally in over half of the 50 American states. That means that in pro sports most teams play in a city where cannabis is legal. All of the major professional leagues ban its use.

In the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL the players are tested for many drugs including cannabis. If they test positive they get fined or suspended without pay. This is very sad in 2019.

Whatever people’s personal stance is on cannabis, the medical benefits for relaxation, pain management and mental health are proven. The life of a professional athlete is clearly glamorous, but there is a major downside. Devastating injuries and often shortened life spans are very real issues facing many players. If cannabis can bring relief to some of them they should be allowed to take it.

Many athletes have admitted (usually after their careers have ended) that using cannabis during actually career helped their performance. That has not been scientifically proven and time and science will tell if that is the case or not.

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Actually I heard the NHL looks the other way, at least. The others definitely will get you in trouble. Kinda screwed up since they know that cannabis helps people that have suffered a concussion in the past

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