It's been REGALIZED not legalized

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Any woke Canadian knows that what the Queen and her lackey, the Canadian government are proposing for Canadian legalisation is just worse prohibition aka prohibition 2.0.

The elites will control the cannabis market; therefore, they will drive up prices and destroy quality, selection and accessibility. Meanwhile, they will have huge organic gardens and private lab techs and botanists hired for themselves. They will be the only ones who can advertise it, commerce in it, or innovate it.


Growing, possessing, or smoking even small amounts of cannabis (4 plants and 30 grams respectively) will only be for the rich because you will need to own your own home to do so, and you must keep your plants invisible to the rest of the world.

The poorest and most vulnerable people will be at risk of further stigma and abuse because new legalisation legislation (aka new laws) will give police powers to conduct warrantless searches of people, homes, and to obtain roadside DNA samples. Situations like being "high" in public will be selectively enforced. We know that Blacks and Mexicans are already targeted by police in the U.S., and women, poor people, and aboriginals are targeted in Canada. Most importantly, this is a huge and solid step towards a police state in Canada.

Papers please!

and we don't mean rollies...
See more info on the subject here.


LOL yup..... cannabis regalization.... it's just for the elite!

Great post on an important topic, @MediKatie! Upvoted and resteemed!

Upvoted the hilarious 'regalize' definition, and resteemed this important message to my hemperrific followers! <3

@medikatie very interesting information about Canada.(linked article) Well written post. Remember that in canada you can form common law courts, my be the saving grace here.

decriminalisations sounds much better...
like for example in Portugal...

Hmm true man... Agorism and darkenet markets fix the issue though! ;D

I don't need permission from a politician to own my own body! Fuck them all! :D

Excellent article and points. I wish could say this surprises me but its been my fear since they began legalizing in my State. The dispensaries are the only "legal" place to obtain it, and there is no growing allowed by anyone but 3 or 4 grow houses in the state. Exact opposite of what this plant has to offer and the spirit and energy of it.

Years ago my friend told me you do not want it legalized that will just add more regulations to the books you want it decriminalized!

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