My First Time with Mary Jane.

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It happened in 2007.

Back then I was in Melbourne doing my final year thesis. It was one of the most intense times of my life, spending 24/7 in the computing laboratory coding away my pattern-recognition bot. Coughing painfully non-stop in the cold weather, I had even developed some kind of asthma. I was on that handheld inhaler thingie for a few months.

Meeting the missionaries.

Thesis and sickness did not stop me from mingling around in the campus. There's this bunch of students from Sri Lanka that were always smiling, and they would usually come to me to have a chat whenever I'm having lunch alone.

"Do you guys smell that? What's that?" I finally asked them, after smelling that peculiar thing a few times around the campus apartments. It wasn't something that I wanted to ask at first, because you know, I didn't want to offend them if it's the smell of Sri Lankans.

That's weed. Dude!

I've never thought much about marijuana my entire life. Sure, selling weed by the kilogram is capital punishment in my country, but I know that's bullshit. I've been listening to reggae and hip hop all my life to know there's nothing wrong with it.

As long as it doesn't kill me, I'll try every popular substance, at least once.

Flying high looking for Snickers.

So we had a few bong hits in one of their houses. Coughing non-stop for a good minute or two, I began hearing clinks and clanks, as if someone in the neighbourhood was handling their cutlery and plates. To test that out, I went out of their smoke-filled room. I closed the door.

"Grab some Snickers, Kevin. It's in the fridge."

Okay, my hearing ability was definitely amplified under this.. uh.. where's the fridge? Suddenly I thought I saw blue lights flashing at the corner of my eyesight. "Fuck Tha Police" played in my mind. Am I going to get busted for smoking weed? Mind over matter, Kevin. I composed myself and thought through the situation properly.

There are no cops outside. What are they going to do, even if that's the case?

Looking at life in High Definition.

So I returned to the room with a stash of Snickers, and the psytrance music playing in the background just layered on one after another. Everyone's laughter swirled and danced with the tracks. Everything looked so crystal clear and everybody looked and sounded.. funny. I don't know, things just looked extra sharp, sharper than the life that I'm used to.

It was a good night talking about everything from politics to relationships. That night alone changed a lot of my perception of society.

Almost 10 years after.

Not sure if I can attribute it to marijuana, but I don't have that coughing problem anymore. And I rarely get sick. I still do it from time to time with supermini joints, mainly for my insomnia and bedtime reading. But I've never experienced anything close to what I experienced the first time, not anymore. What I get now is a good dash of relaxation.

Say, why is this thing still sending people to prison?

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Hi, @kevinwong, you asked:

Say, why is this thing still sending people to prison?

Primarily because people still believe in the superstition of government... When we abandon the notion of man ruling other men, then the caging will stop. ;)

I got labelled as an anarchist in some article here awhile ago. It's true that I think authority is the major killer of freedom, it's just that we need to build and design environments that promote the right kind of behavior (instead of rewarding selfishness, etc bad stuff) and slowly inch out of our current situation. Really can't force others to flip their switch and snap out of their belief in government :) It still has its uses (and resistance to change), there are reasons why society has self-organized into such a structure. Blockchains like this will decentralize all the good that we have built as a civ, back to the hands of people again.

Hi, @kevinwong,

I couldn't agree more that we can't "flip that switch" for others. It took me most of a lifetime to "see the light" as it were. I'm in process of telling that story (INDEXED HERE for your convenience, look for the heading Anarchy/Agorism/Liberty) as I "Steem on."

But, while I (slightly) agree with this statement of yours...

It still has its uses (and resistance to change), there are reasons why society has self-organized into such a structure.

...I am utterly certain that we can do far better than the current "government by force" model. I have come to believe that everything government presently accomplishes by initiating force can be done honorably and more efficiently by voluntary cooperation.

I also am very hopeful as I observe the development of the internet, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and other effective tools for decentralization. I long for the rise of civil society and the removal (preferably by starvation and atrophy) of governments that rule by violence.

I am suffering from ulceritive collitis. Marijuana can only be of a help for me in times my flairs returns. I don't know why this weed is so undervalued all over the world. Probably corporative and pharmaceutical interests come in play in its regulations.

I'm a little skeptical of the many claims made, but in my experience, I really don't fall sick that much anymore compared to my school years!

I didn't want to offend them if it's the smell of Sri Lankans

People turned in their chairs at the office, i couldn't hold in my laugh.

Glad to have made someone laugh :)

Everything looked so crystal clear

And that is why they grow abundantly everywhere, they want you to have a vision beyond the conditioning! Welcome to the club!

Do they? I have yet to even start any research on it. I mean like, how do people start smoking it anyway? They just tried to smoke every plant out there? lol

BTW people started cultivating this plant in China and India first, and has been a revered plant, considered divine, by our cultures. It was demonized and castigated by "modern civilization" but now, even "they" see it as the broad-spectrum Medicine as defined in our old texts.

It is also a herb used for recreational indulgence, not as lethal as alcohol. And now of course, it has become an immense economic opportunity as well. But the people who do consume the herb, normally end up seeing through the haze and the propaganda, and forming a new way of looking at things.

i like the layout of this post
nice work!

den är medicin

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I may be able to add some valuable information to this topic.
We, as a human species, have evolved to have an independent physiological system within us called the endocannabinoid system. So, just like our cardiovascular system and respiratory are independent systems. The endocannabinoid system allows the 111 currently known cannabinoids from the cannabis plant to bind to it. Under normal circumstances, when the body isn't stressed, is sleeping well and the nutritional density is there to support efficient function, the body will produce its own cannabinoids. When it's not, the body develops an endocannabinoid deficiency and can't not properly self- regulate its own daily functions. This is easily seen in the number of people with chronic insomnia, for example, which is often completely correctable with the correct strains of cannabis plant medicine.
Consuming cannabis in edible form is 10 times more potent than smoking or vapourizing cannabis.
Your next evolution will be to "eat cannabis" @kevinwong! (It's a different experience yet again and produces some of the best "high-ideas". LOL, literally.)