Junk Yard Grow 2019

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Blueberry Muffin

Long time no see, Steem! Or should I say #newsteem. So the new Hard Fork did not cause the world to come to an end, like everyone was thinking. Well at least a loud minority. You know, those people who love to complain, and cry, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!". I say this new Hard Fork, was one that was due a long time ago. With free down votes, it is nice to see the large stake holders coming out and fighting what many consider abuse with shit posts and bid bots. Now as far as the 50/50 curation. I really like the concept. Also to make 50% is still not bad in my book. Where else besides a few other block chains can I get paid in crypto for what I write? 50%, I will take it! Hell it's not like they are taking away 50$ from my 100$ posts. It is pennies. Also the way I am looking at it, is the more my curators make, the more there up vote will be worth in the future. Besides we have to many content creators, but not enough content consumers. I am just very great full to be apart of this wonderful community, and even though I don't post everyday like most of you, I will be here for the long haul.

Time for another outdoor cannabis grow update

I am very happy with the progress of my two Blueberry Muffin's. The first 3 pics is of the same plant. This is a clone I took a few months back, that I just let it grow without any training, besides a FIM job early on.

These two pics are of the other Blueberry Muffin, but as you can see I did some training on this one. I did have to cut lots of branches, since I had to many, and was risking the chance of mold. What is interesting, this is a clone from the same exact mother as the BM above, but the leaves are smaller. I am thinking maybe the deficiency it had from the start is the culprit. Regardless, this plant is also doing great. My backyard is starting to smell like the muffin man's Blueberry farm! I can not say enough, on how I am blown away from the uncanny smell of Blueberry Muffins this plant emits. If you can get your hands on this strain, grow it! You can find where to buy seeds on Humboldt Seed Company's Or if you live in North California, you can pick up clones from Dark Heart Nursery

Peanut Butter Breath

I have one more strain being grown. This is from a seed I got from a dear friend, @bluntsmasha. The one I have is a clone I took from the mother that was grown indoors. This is a short stubby gal, due to it being thrown outdoors to early, and it started to flower, then re-verted back into vegetative stage. It since has gone back into flower mode, and is doing quite well. (Just FYI it is hard for me to grow big plant's in my back yard due to my apt blocking the sun for a good part of day, and I would attract thieves if I where to have trees, instead of bushes.) So it is a good thing that these plant's are not any bigger. I am not going to lie, I do get a bit of penis envy when I see my good friends here on Steem growing trees, just like our very own Martha Stewart of Steem

The PBB has a smell of earth, with a little skunk sourness to it. Nothing that really impresses me as much as Blueberry Muffins. What really impresses me about this PBB, is the resistance to mold! All other plants that I have had that re-verted back in to vegetative stage, had mold issues. Heck even regular plants I have had gets a few spots of powder mildew. It does get foggy here on the coast. But this PBB does not get any powder mildew. Even when I had it indoors, it never got a spot. It is a shame I was unable to breed this strain.

Next up

I have another 40 days or so till I can start to think about harvesting these plants. By then hopefully I can have a better indoor setup. This way I can start to grow the F3 of Steem Og, and there has been a strain that I have my eyes on. Vanilla Frosting. This strain was picked from 10k plants, as the best one! Go check out the link to learn more about it. So much cool projects involving breeding cannabis, now that it is legal. Oh I would love to leave you all with a little update on the Steem Og project. For those that are just learning about this, last year I created a strain by crossing a female Tahoo og x og kush female, to a male Inca Gold, and I dubbed the new cross Steem Og.

This is a Steem Og, grown by @rebeccaryan! She say's her Pheno smells, Like fresh grapefruit mixed with pineapple, a hint of diesel and just a tease of coffee. I also have got a report back from another grower of Steem Og, that it is a strain that really helps his PTSD! I could not be any happier to hear this. Steem Og is now grown in 3 countries, and 6 States in the US!! Once I stabilize the Steem, I will do my best to get it listed on https://www.leafly.com/. Hopefully this will entice more cannabis people to join the best crypto social media site there is! Viva Steem!

#newsteem, #newme



Mmmm. I like that little PBB girly there! I still havent tried that strain my self. I did see some that the breeder grew and it was insanely good looking.

Yeah this one should be interesting, since the flowers have been growing for over 3 months! It really is a tough plant. I bet it would be the perfect choice for guerrilla growing

For you bud!

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Forgot this pic in my post. Close up of the bbm

Great post @jonyoudyer!!!
Your Ladies look lovely and so does your formatting. Nice layout.
I think we better call @bluntsmasha to the table so we can extract his wisdom because omg! I have been battling powdered mildew like a mofo this year...except from his genetics. That Queen has been in flower for 6 weeks already and you talk about Donkey Kong (I’m really trying not to swear on your blog, but you don’t make it easy. Lol!)
So I think @bluntsmasha at least owes us a blunt discussion about this feat of cannabis mastery he’s got up his sleeve...can’t be 2 different outstanding phenotypes. The one I grew was Neville’s Wreck and Chem Dawg 95. Whah! Can you smell it. Like you scared a skunk in heat with a diesel lawnmower and at the end, you know, to make you feel less dirty, there’s a hint of orangie mint. Lmfao! Yeah, he needs to fess up big time!
If that name sticks Mister, this wicked old witch of the great white North is gonna curse your ass. Then, she’s gonna hope on her broom, fly down there and make you eat Blueberry Muffin until you puke. (Which won’t take much, trust me.) And while you’re doing that, she’s gonna laugh her ass off.
Just like she’s doing right now!
Totally get where you are coming from with the whole privacy thing. It does get a bit nerve wracking the closer we get to harvest.
0 energy is going into that on my part (as a way to protect my space hedges.)
Good strain to grow Jon! Was a pleasure, nothing too tricky. It was an honour and a privilege to grow her.
Thanks for letting me try my hand at it. ;)

Thanks! That is very interesting about the strain you got from blunt. I wonder if it has to do with the breeder he knows, breeds for there climate, and there fore a lot of them need to be mold resistant? I tell you what, that PM is such a pain in the ass isnt it. Also when I get some more strains made, you will be on top of my list to get them in your hands, :)


Plants are looking great, amazed at the variety there is these days. What to grow next? hmmm

https://darkheartnursery.com/strains/romulan/. check out this strain. It is an old school cut, but new in stock at my local nursery.

from the link:
"Scent: Smells like an odd mixture of rotting old laundry crossed with a dead skunk and pine trees"
gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. :) lol j/k
Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid?
Always hear Indica puts you to sleep and Sativa is a head high.
That has made me not try Indica. Time to experiment a bit just to see if there's something else I like.
Oh well, life is for learning

Keep going @truthabides...every high is different and worth giving your best kick at the can at.
How your body reacts has to do with your genetics, how many receptors you have open, ingestion method and terpenes found within the strain.
Very generally speaking, a true Sativa will keep you alert where as an Indica is more sedative and will make you want to sleep.
Hybrids offer a sliding scale mixture of effects between the two.
If you can buy from a place where you can smell the actual herb, before you try, let your nose be your guide. If your body loves the smell, you’ll have a great flight, if you don’t use too much, too fast.

Thank you @rebeccaryan , just picked up a couple to try that I normally wouldn't just to see. ahhh research.. ;) Cheap shake. Wondering if shake is less quality.

It is. But, it’ll still work.
The difference between a $5 high and a $17 high is found in how fast you become lifted and in how long you’ll stay elevated as well as the taste of smoke.
$5 does the same as $17... it’s the experience of the flight that sets them apart. ;)

First place I stopped had quarters for $95... all the same.. Second place had shake for $50/oz Think I'll have to grow my own to get the premium experience.
Interesting.. ty for the reply

NP. I’m happy to help, if I can.
Shake is awesome to make edibles (infused coconut oil) with.
In edible form, the high is 10 x stronger than smoke and will last 6-8 hours, for most.
For anyone who doesn’t want to sell the farm to learn, buying shake is a fantastic way to go. It can really make your purchasing $ stretch...especially if you amp up its potency, by letting your liver do 10 rounds with it. (I’m a Lady. Really, I am.) Hahaha!

Hi, I like the new rules of curation, and I am also here for a long time (forever). Thank you. The medicinal plants look great.

Yeah its not so bad. The way i figure it will still even itself out. Also Im open to new ideas to improve the platform.

Wow this is probably the longest post you've ever written :P
SteemOG is more than a strain- it is an IDEA!

Maybe you can hybridize it with blueberry and call it Steem Muffins.

Probally not since this is my last run. I am not sure when i will fire up the indoor grow. I really need a tent and a better light. What i have now just is not cutting it

For someone who is still learning, this is a great read. This network has been invaluable to me.
Growing my first plant and getting so much help from you guys from start to finish.
Another few weeks and I hope to report on how she smokes. Im the meantime I will keep learning.
Some great and humorous replies as well. Keeps me entertained.
Hope I can find something to keep posting here over the winter.
Happy harvest my friend 😁😁

Why thanks bro! Yeah ive learned a lot here as well, and still learning. You should of seen the issues i was having my first few months posting here. I was always running into nutrient lockout halfway into flower, and a few steemians helped me out. Now i am no where near a great grower, but i have fun. I so cant wait till i abme to unleash my skills once i have a nice backyard to grow a monster😃

Wow dude that’s really awesome news! Spreading your genetics across the globe is a huge feat! When I get some space I would love to grow some Steem OG.

Your blueberry muffins made me want blueberry muffins lol

Yeah man when i first embarked on the idea, i really did not think it would be as successful as it is. I really think Steem Og also helped as a networking tool that in return payed off to get canna curate up and running. Next batch I will try to make more seeds, to spread to even more hands. After all, steem og is more of a idea then a strain. It is a marketing tool for a steemian, on steem of course, but it is also a way to build community and unite. Looking foreword to see how Steem fairs out up in the PNW.

Yeah man, there was so much FUD around the hard fork that I had to kind of take a break until it was done. And I agree that there are too many people posting but not enough curating right now. So I have kinda stepped back from posting as much and trying to do more curation. I mean it pays the same now right? And yeah, it’s not like we are making a mint here, it’s just pennies, but... you don’t make anything on the other platforms. So I am here with you guys till we just can’t do it anymore!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!


Yeah since i am not running anything indoors, thinfs move a little slower, so my content is limited. Which is nice taking it easy and not worrying about posting. But now since my upvote us actually worth something for the canna communty, im having fun curating! Have a good day bro

Woah, blueberry muffins might be a smell I could handle. XD Meanwhile I've still got neighbors who like skunk and I'm like really y'all, you're in an apartment building, pick a nicer one, please! LOL

@jonyoudyer, Good to see your presence after sometime. Yes, #Newsteem brought lot of changes and in my opinion we are just seeing effective results out of it. Keep up with your Plantation work.

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looking good - i can smell the blueberry from here

once done send me some through the bockchain..haha wouldn't that be good :)

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