How can we introduce block chain technology into the cannabis industry...

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I know there are some coins already out there including POT and PRG is currently in their ICO phase. From reading the white paper it is hard to understand exactly how it will be utilized into the market. It feels like both coins are selling hype and the best tell is the celebrity factor around each. So how are we going to change the industry for the better? How can we help consumers through this magical technology? 

From working in the industry, the first thought I had was the seed to sale and biotrack systems that are currently used to keep track of product for compliance purposes. Block chain seems to be able to make that system much more efficient.

I would love to brainstorm other ideas with my fellow STEEMERs!

Catholic School Girl (Girl Scout Cookies x Dirty Girl) Grown in soil just after stretch. This one is going to be a winner :)


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I have been thinking about this same kind of idea but for an organic food tracker from seed to sale(not cannabis). That way people could know EXACTLY the product they are getting. Instead of unknowingly getting some cheap knock off from china with an organic label slapped on it.. so i definitely think this would be a great idea for this area too.. especially for the connesuiers who care about so many factors of their bud.. let me give u one example, i saw a video yesterday where a guy was spraying his outdoor plants with mite killer! Id be pissed if i smoked some of that chemical filled bud! We know that cant be safe to smoke!?! But there is no way for anyone to know that right now, that could end up on dipensary shelves for sick people! Not cool.. so thats atleast one application that i can see your idea being beneficial :)

Absolutely! After working in the industry, I realize how many commercial operations have trouble keeping their crops clean. It would be nice to know everything that was used from nutrients to pesticides.

Exactly! I think people would really appreciate something like that, I know I would. If you decide to use this idea don't forget about me ;) lol.. good luck!

Thanks for sharing! I will check it out

The other obvious issue is that federal banks refuse to work with the cannabis industry which creates danger for both the consumer and the employees by having to deal with cash. Having a simple crypto currency could cure that issue, but we would need stable prices