Ladies Of Steem, This account Is For You!

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The Ganja Cowboy repping @canna-curate


Hey ladies of Steem! Tired of seeing woman posing sexy, while smoking cannabis? Well this account is for you. Guys it's time to claim back our sexiness, and show that we go it too! This account will be used to show case the dudes of the cannabis community of Steem. Do you got what it takes to be a canna-dude? Well come into the Canna-CurateDiscord and hit us up! Time to have some fun, and start putting in work to get our own tag on Steem. @ned needs to see more cannabis post, and more Steem being generated to make a cannabis tag.

All models are 18 years of age



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Hehehe, yeah we have a "weed warriors" joke version of @GirlsofGreen, but "guys of cannabis" is catchy.
I'm in! But I never show my face online, and my body isn't all that exciting, so hmmmmmm. I'll figure something out!
Another great way (that could actually work) to pump up the blockchain with cannabis content is start posting more cannabis photos, info, links, tutorials, how tos, videos, troubleshooting, and so on! About half the cannabis community disappeared to Smoke, which is great, but it has reduced the amount of high-quality original cannabis content on Steem.
Now, it's situps time! I must go work on my 6 pack. But I don't drink beer, so for me maybe it's called a 1/4 ounce?

LOL @ quarter ounce. We like Guys of Green and hope it catches on. We like our choice of name @GirlsofGreen. The only drawback seems to be some women think you need to be very young to join, but that's not the case. All we ask is 19+ Canadian female stoners :)

Yeah it will, and now we have both of us working together, in fact i am going to put you on as ho nary members of Canna curate! So do they have to be canadian?

Yeah we will bring these smoke people back. I dismantled the canna witness on smoke. It will be ok. ANd by all means send me some pics and ill feature you one day bud!

Sweet, here's the most-revealing photo of me currently online.

drutter 2017.jpg

Late summer 2017, at English Bay, Vancouver BC Canada.
After a long day of selling $2 dabs with @MediKatie at the beach, as part of a 420 farmers market protest :)
Dabbing on some pristine White Widow shatter from my connections in the free market, listening to the waves crash, watching tourists and the people of Vancouver stroll by.

With your permission i would love to showcase you.

Cool, what does that involve?

Just a pic, and a brief paragraph about the man named drutter

look at the newest post

Heheh, nice. Okay let's do it! Let me know if you need anymore writeup. I'll send you another pic if I find a suitable one.

yes plz do, btw this is @jonyoudyer, just in case you did not know, lol

Now, a lot of the posts here are little (or nothing) more than a link to a post on Smoke, which really is a frowned-upon behavior around here. I've been joking about how I should try posting on Smoke with simply a link to a Steem Exclusive post and see what the reaction would be.

Yeah if you do that over there you will be yelled at. Its pretty sad. I dismantled the witness because of the behavior from some of the people there.

You should do it!

Be like look at this cool steem post

ha my real gripe with it isn't even that it's smoke, it's that any posts that are just a link to a post on some other site aren't really acceptable around these-here parts. So I don't want to do it over there because I don't want to make posts like that, even to make a point. I'd deserve whatever flags I got for it.

Yeah it is bull shit. We even have our own members doing smoke reviews here, cause there mad that they dont get whale upvotes here. I am working hard, as are others including you, to make the cannabis tag great and thriving, but alot of people have given up before it has even started. Pretty sad. Also there is no reason that they can give us original post here, just like I have been doing there.

It's okay, there will be more people. Steem will rise again. :)

welcome to Steem Canna dudes! Cant wait to see the sexy men of Steem, ladies, you better be switching your mode to night mode ;)

Welcome to Steemit @guysofcannabis!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!



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me2.jpg WOOT WOOT #guysofcannabis

I will be showcasing you soon! Ofcourse with your permission

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What a fun post! Go guys of cannabis!

Best of luck to you guys.

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hahah, thank you. We are going to have lots of fun with this!

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Thanks @arcange, you have the support of the cannabis community.

Thank you for your support and witness vote @guysofcannabis, really appreciated!

You guys are hilarious!!!!

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Yeah this may be my best idea since Canna-Curate!!

Hahaha good stuff! @ganjaguys say hi!

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Lol, ganjaguys was my first choice for this account, but looks like we got a great team

Lol, off to a great start you are!

Welcome, share some cannabis to steemit family, we will give you some love too.

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Thank you!

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Thanks for the love brother!


This is a lovely introductory post, Thank you for taking the time to write the post and say hello to the community!

I am here to help!

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