You can grow landrace sativas indoors using a quasi-bonsai technique

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You know the ones - those seedlings growing the long thin blades? Uh oh. You're in for a ride - several long months of nursing a finicky, fluffy plant through bloom, probably ending in an ugly mess. You try topping. All you get is a wider mess. You try LST - same result. The damn thing keeps growing while it blooms! It overtakes the entire space. And then it fades. It fades and it looks unhappy,stays unhappy, and you just grit your teeth and hope the smoke will be good when that day finally comes.

Well, I think I may have a solution. Upcan during bloom.

If you flip them in small pots, they'll stretch less. Then, when the stretch has slowed, you can upcan them into much bigger pots. This accomplishes two things. It controls height without disturbing the growth habit, and it provides new fuel at the point where the plant needs it for bud production.

I just got a 6 ounce harvest from a 5 foot sativa grown untopped and unmolested, in its natural growth habit. The strain would have been well over 15 feet outside. I started it in a cup, vegged it 35 days, and upcanned into a 6 gallon pot. It took another 45 days under 11/13 to grow pistils, and then continued to stretch as it bloomed until it hit 5 feet. At that point I upcanned it again, into a 15 gallon bin.

That gave the plant just enough soil to hit my room height, and then it got all the new soil it needed to grow nice thick buds.

Here's how it finished. Ima try that trick again next time.




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Oh man. That thing looks like pure sativa if i ever did see. I had a similar problem with an out of control sativa once. It ended up not looking the greatest but the taste was great. Super lemony.

Now that's a great idea if I ever heard one :)

I'm surprised that I haven't seen anyone else mention it - it's kinda obvious when you think about it.

We already know that pot size and shape affect growth habit. But the idea that you can transplant during bloom is something people avoid. Mine didn't skip a beat. In fact it looked a lot better a week later.

Wild sativas just don't grow right if you LST or top them. This way, you can simply miniaturize them. :)



You can start them under a bloom cycle or veg, doesn't matter a lot. I run 11/13 for the bloom cycle because sativas seem to behave better under a shorter day, but I like to keep the seedlings in cups until I know they're going to be worth it. By the end of a month, if they're looking good I'll put them into the smallish pots for early bloom. Then upcan again in mid-bloom.

If you start bloom from seed, you'll save a couple weeks. Keep in mind that I use a mineralized organic soil in individual pots. Nice crop you have there!

This is a very cool post and idea! How’s the smoke on this?

It's Golden Tiger x Oldtimers Haze, so it's pretty lysergic. GT is Thai x Malawi. I'm surprised at the potency - most sativas like this have a great buzz but not a lot of punch - this one has the punch, too. A soaring initial rush and then an hours-long airy trippy high. It's not for the anxiety prone, heheh.

But seriously, it's surprisingly potent.

Maybe for the anxiety prone its best to have some CBD handy just in case ;0

Great job! I'm glad I stumbled upon this post as I've been considering breeding some landraces, I'll most likely give this a shot.

Have you tried going with a straight 12/12 from seed with these?

Thanks for the post @graytail!